New Company ‘King Rings’ Offers High Class Cock Rings

DENVER – Boasting cock rings 2x heavier than stainless steel and 100x better looking, King Rings opened this year with a highly unique line of metal cock rings for gentlemen.

Made of Tungsten Carbide, the rings are scaled up versions of popular wedding bands, including a Comfort Fit interior. Styles available offer natural wood inlay, Abalone, and 18Kt gold among others.

One of the defining features of King Rings’ cock rings is their exceptional weight (some weighing up to 11 ounces), which give them real presence. Wide bands makes them exceptionally comfortable for all day wear as well as during sex.

Some men are reluctant to try metal cock rings for fear of getting trapped so the company provides innovative advice and tools for sizing which are unique in the industry and result in high customer satisfaction. King Rings is poised to tap new markets and broaden perceptions of what cock rings can be and of who uses them.

“It took a long time to find a jeweler willing to work with us and the result is amazing” said company founder, Scott King. He and his wife started the company to elevate the status of cock rings toward something more acceptably mainstream. “I think a man’s cock ring can be similar to his best watch, stylish and functional, but there is a stigma attached to cock rings which is undeserved.”

The couple started their company with savings leftover from another online venture geared toward couples. Sales growth has been steady, they are still building inventory, and have high expectations their little company’s big rings will find great success.

For more information, visit King Rings online