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Blue Horizon

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Seductive deep blue and jet black member ring. Dome cut, brushed finish, and with offset groove – an endless blue line to tempt the imagination.

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Imagine the seductive draw of an endless Blue Horizon. Imagine the freedom to explore confidently without limit and the adventures you will find. Imagine the depths to which you might plunge.

Blue Horizon is a hand crafted, surprisingly heavy, and very comfortable ring which boosts much more than just confidence. With a brushed finish on the outside and secretly seductive blue finish on the inside, this ring promises to inspire great things.

Inside ring surface is comfort fit with a gentle curve (as are all our rings) and each ring is laser engraved with our very bold logo.

Pairs equally well with weathered jeans, your best swim suit, or just a pair of deck shoes.

Blue Horizon Luxury Tungsten Carbide Metal Cock Ring

Blue Horizon Tungsten Carbide Cock and Finger Ring Set
Teeny Tiny and Glans rings sold separately

Product Data


Tungsten Carbide (WC)


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Band Width


Band Thickness



Blue, Black, and Silver


Brushed outside, high polish inside


Dome cut with offset groove, brushed finish, and comfort fit inner radius.

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Sizing Guide | Fitting Guide | How To Wear | Care and Cleaning

20 reviews for Blue Horizon

  1. WILLIAM B (verified owner)

    Blue Horizon is my third King Ring (not counting my 3 glans rings). It has a bit more weight than my True Blue or Father of Pearl, and I enjoy the extra tug. I like that the brushed finish of Blue Horizon gives it a bit of a rugged appearance contrasting with the fine detail. All of my King Rings have been excellent quality. I love the weight of the tungsten rings they provide, and the service provided by Scott can’t be matched.

  2. Rob C (verified owner)

    This is my 5th ring and I will be buying more. These are jewelry quality rings that are heavy, beautiful and comfortable to wear. I wear my King Rings all day long and almost every day of the week. I have about 20 metal rings and King Rings are the only ones I wear anymore. You will not be disappointed with your purchase, just be sure to get the sizing rings first. Customer service is awesome and I have received an email from Scott after every purchase just to say thanks.

  3. Deth (verified owner)

    I’m not sure what can be said about these rings that hasn’t already been said. Scott provides top notch products and top notch customer service. I “settled” for a true blue while waiting for this one. I have absolutely no regrets in owning two rings.

    I got this one a size smaller so I have different options. Okay, so I have one mild regret. My true blue was produced prior to the size being etched on the inside. It would be nice for reference.

    But even being a size smaller, this ring is still heavier. And it is absolutely noticeable. The ring itself is gorgeous. It feels great to wear. It’s like a little hug in your underwear all day long. Honestly it even just feels good to hold and fiddle with (thanks, ADHD).

    I had emailed Scott a few times about this ring, as I knew there were global supply chain issues causing things to take longer than expected. He personally sent me an email before the auto-notification kicked in. He also upgraded me to 2 day shipping. The following 3 days were torture, waiting at my door metaphorically. USPS dropped the ball and it took an extra day.

    All around, King Rings has been nothing but a positive experience (as long as you don’t ask my wallet about it) and I’ll definitely be stopping back from time to time to check for new designs I might like.

    Now for the bad news: this thing is a fingerprint magnet on BOTH sides instead of just the inside. Oh noooo~~~

  4. Will (verified owner)

    This is my fourth ring from King Rings, and I love it! After using sizing rings from King Rings, I found the perfect fit is 52mm and the 10z the Blue Horizon provides is hefty (a must have for me) enough to be noticeable but comfortable for all day/week wear. The weight, height of it, and diameter are precise and it is even more attractive in person! The brushed metal finish is nice if you don’t want high shine and the blue line is perfect. Many compliments on it! 5 stars!

  5. Steve S (verified owner)

    This is my first King Ring. After trying a few different metal rings I decided I would order the sizing rings to make sure I got the right size. I really debated between True Blue and Blue Horizon. I decided on the Blue Horizon and waited for them to come back in stock. As soon as I got the email that they were in stock I ordered my Blue Horizon. I was really excited when my box came, but there was one small problem they sent the wrong size (things happen). I was really bummed because I was afraid the right size might not be in stock. I sent an email to Scott and here is where customer service kicks in. Scott packaged and sent the correct size the same day. He made it really easy for me to send the smaller one back. Big thank you for how responsive they were.

    Now the good part, I really like the shape, weight and the quality appearance. Very comfortable to wear. None of that means anything without passing the final test. My wife and I agree the size and weight gives a nice power stroke in action!!! I think the only thing that could make me happier is when I receive my next King Ring

  6. Kevin W (verified owner)

    This is my first King Ring and I have to say that it lives up to the positive reviews. The quality is top notch and the weight is perfect for everyday use. I did not order the sizing rings as I was pretty certain about the size I would need based upon my experience with other rings, but I would definitely recommend getting them. It’s nice to have that option available.

    The thickness of the band is a little less than I’m used to, resulting in a smaller outside diameter. It threw me off at first because I thought the ring was going to be too small but it fits pretty much as I had expected. It remains to be seen but I suspect that the narrowness will actually be more comfortable over time and look better under clothes. The larger stainless steel rings sometimes look a little too “obvious” when undressing but the King Ring seems more discreet.

    Overall I’m satisfied and would definitely consider purchasing a second ring – though I may go one size larger to create a different feel. Sometimes it’s nice to change the fit depending on the situation. Well done Scott!

  7. JH (verified owner)

    So far I’ve purchased 4 rings and I’m eyeing my 5th. I think this maybe my favorite so far; the look and feel is awesome! The contrasting sides look really great and the weight is really nice. I also have to give a shout out to Scott. He reached out to me about a restock mentioned in one of our previous email exchanges. Though I had slightly changed my mind on my next ring by then, a few emails later and Scott going above and beyond, we had my next ring locked in. All of the rings I’ve gotten from King Rings have been awesome, looking forward to the next one!

  8. Rhonda

    Blue Horizon- As an owner of multiple rings I must say that King Rings are the best on the market and the Blue Horizon is the perfect example of expert craftsmanship. The colors, design and finish is impeccable. This piece of jewelry has enough weight to give you the solid tug and comfort to keep you in a subtle deviant and powerful state of mind. Definitely a ring for someone who knows what they want. Perfect as a gift and a reward for yourself. 5 out of 5!

  9. Atlaz (verified owner)

    I started with the sizing rings and they are very helpful in determining a comfortable fit. Unfortunately my set has some rougher edges which caused some mild discomfort and pinching in some sensitive places. Blue Horizon is my first metal ring and I am more than satisfied. I have worn it several times and it stays comfortable for hours while still keeping things fun. It’s a good weight, elegant design and excellently crafted. I would fully recommend!

  10. Michael B (verified owner)

    They blue horizon is an amazing ring. I was impressed by the weight as soon I picked it up out the mailbox. It’s a great looking ring I love the design. The wife also loves the way it looks on me. Wearing the ring is a great feeling . I feel the weight is perfect for myself and with the color pairs well with just about glan ring. It’s a must in any collection!!!!

  11. Michael C (verified owner)

    This was my second King Ring. I waited until this ring came back in stock. The weight of this ring is great and is excellent cock ring to wear everyday. Like the look and feel, the craftsmanship is such that is a shame you can’t show it except to your special someone. Wearing this ring you will really encircle your manhood in something special.

  12. A. Lee (verified owner)

    The Blue Horizon KingRing is comfortable, elegant, and bold. From the added heft and appearance enhancing effect it presents, it’s an incredible value. It did worlds for my confidence. Happy to have this in my stable.

  13. R. (verified owner)

    Its an expensive fun to get these rings, even more so in europe living in a country that wants you to pay some more for customs. But unboxing them is even more fun being truly surprised by the weight when holding them for the first time. I ordered 2 rings, this one and Island Wood. Both are flawless, better looking in real life and light than on screen and a joy to be put in place (at least to me much easier than with same size steelrings even though these have the much bigger width). This design wouldnt have been my first choice normally but the design resembles my wedding ring a lot so i had no choice;) Since I’ve found nothing comparable (not even close) on the market to these rings i can nothing but recommend them. Delivery was really fast and i even got a set of sizing rings on top so service is pretty much perfect too.

  14. Jonathan (verified owner)

    This is my second King Ring. I was waiting for this to come back into stock for a while and I am not disappointed in any way! It is truly a work of art (and worth the wait) – My first was the Sea Dragon which I also love, but the two could not be more different. Sea Dragon is finished very smoothly and glossy, where this one has a brushed finish and more texture to it. I also love the groove cut into it. Gives it a fantastic look. My Wife loves it too 🙂
    1st class all the way!!

  15. AKA

    I am never disappointed! My Blue Horizon arrived today and it was awesome. i love the craftsmanship and the weight.I am really enjoying building my collection, i can’t wait to have one for each day of the week and they building my collection from there. Thanks so much Scott, I am addicted!

  16. Jason (verified owner)

    This is my first cock ring and I am in love!! It only arrived yesterday and have been sporting a semi ever since!! The weight around my cock feels absolutely amazing and the modern simplistic style with the hint of blue make my want to walk around with no clothes on all day so I can look at it and show it off!!! So stylish and extremely comfortable for being day 2 of ever wearing a cock ring! Can not wait to show it off!!

  17. Tim (verified owner)

    As soon as I saw this ring I loved it. Yes, I hesitated (for a day) but decided to go for it. It also gave me the opportunity to correct a mistake I made previously with sizing one. I had ordered the Black Rose as my first ring from King Rings and the sizes offered were close but not exact so I went for it anyway. Great when erect but I did experience some slip & fall when wearing it all day. Not so terrible if you have briefs to catch it but I prefer going commando much of the time. Fear of losing it and the potential embarrassment of it rolling across the floor caused me to double up with a rubber safety ring. Not only does that cause some pinching, it kinda kills the look. So this time I ordered one size smaller as it was available with the Blue Horizon and fear no more. Perfect for a little heft in the bulge or swing in my swagger. I wear it every day… until something new from KR comes along that strikes my fancy-pants.

  18. Scott P (verified owner)

    Blue Horizon is my the seventh ring I have purchased from King Rings. It is an elegant addition to my collection but can also be paired up well with jeans. The quality and craftsmanship of King Rings is incomparable to any other rings I have purchased. Blue Horizon is the latest addition to my collection, but certainly will not be the last. The blue on the inner side of the ride is quite striking and I enjoy the constant weight on my package. Keep up the good work and you will keep me as a customer for life! Looking forward to the next one coming out!

  19. J. Richardson (verified owner)

    Awesome ring . . . started experimenting with some basic steel rings from ‘adult’ sites over the past year or two. None of them compare to the heft or beauty of this Blue Horizon, though. Really comfortable, straight out the gate, no problem whatsoever; very, VERY glad about the purchase. Strong believer in the sizing rings, btw; don’t guess, it’s totally worth it, and they can also be used (even repurposed). For instance, I wear my purple 54mm to work now, five days a week. Doubt it would happen, but I don’t want to chance having a $320 hunk of fine metal crash to the floor in front of the ladies lol. My Blue Horizon, currently for home use and special occasions only; we’ll see as time goes on, however. I have found with my other rings that if you tilt your action to the low ball side, vs. the high side, your chances of slipping out are practically zero, if well-fitted. On a very cold day, tilting to the high ball side, it has occasionally happened . . . so I now officially tilt to stage left, no exceptions lol. This fits so well, I’m really not concerned, just not used to having such fine bling on my goods. Really can’t say enough good things, though . . . the customer service, just right as well. Not too intrusive, but they follow through and care to get things right. In short, a whole lot of awesomeness. Looking forward to another one, maybe next October . . . did I happen to say thank you very much?

  20. Daniel R (verified owner)

    Within minutes of receiving the email notification that a new style was available, I was checking out. This is the King Ring effect. Those that know the affliction know that your hesitations on buying that very first ring were silly. This isn’t some cheap junk from overseas with imperfect machining, inconsistent finishing, or unreliable plating. Nope. Not here. You know without a shadow of a doubt that you’re purchasing a quality, unique ring – the likes of which you’ll find nowhere else. I am delighted to add Blue Horizon as my seventh full size King Ring… and am even MORE delighted that the thrill remains having now purchased one for every day of the week.

    This stately ring brings with it a timelessly classic brushed metal finish… masculine in a Harley and boots in the desert kind of way. Separating the gunmetal gray and midnight black is a brilliantly implemented blue recessed strip that can only be described as “candy” colored: giving the appearance of multiple layers of deeper-yet and shinier-yet coatings. I am always amazed at how the sheen of a King Rings presents itself.

    As is the precedence of the high quality craftsmanship we’ve come to know from Scott, the ring perfectly hits the mark in dimensions. Ordering the 48mm ring, it measured right on point with an inner diameter of 1.894″. The height of the ring is a no-fools-suffered .789″ and the thickness of the band comes in at .261″ – a perfectly proportioned ratio for the band compare to its height. The radiused inner profile helps the hefty 9.29oz of Blue Horizon sensuously meld to your business. The finish is tough as hell, as usual… measuring with sharp, precision calipers has yet to scar the gorgeous surface of any of my King Rings.

    At this point, it ought to be clear… you’re ready for Blue Horizon in your life. In fact, the only doubt that should remain is whether this piece of equipment will look best with the gunmetal or the black facing outward as you present yourself while undressing.

    You’ll just have to try both ways.

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