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Father of Pearl

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Weighty Tungsten Carbide member ring, step cut, with natural Abalone inlay. Incredibly unique and available in two distinct styles. Your partner will want to get a very close look.

Large pieces of natural Abalone, perfectly cut to wrap the rings’ curvature and sealed in crystal clear resin which protects the Abalone and makes it smooth to the touch. Midnight style is ion plated in black for a contrast that really pops.

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Tungsten Carbide member ring inlaid with natural Abalone, an organic gem possessing strong iridescence and found in a variety of swirled colors; moody blues, mysterious greens, and royal purples. Large pieces of natural Abalone are perfectly cut to wrap the rings’ curvature and sealed in crystal clear resin which protects the Abalone and makes it smooth to the touch. Each ring has unique character and Midnight style is ion plated in black for a contrast that really pops.

This distinctive and one of a kind member ring catches light in unexpected ways. If you are fortunate enough to have access to an outdoor pool or sunny beach where natural beauty is encouraged, Father Of Pearl is a natural choice.

Pairs equally well with formal slacks, well worn jeans, or surfer shorts and makes great eye candy when the pants come off. Father of Pearl is an exceptional ring capable of dropping jaws at the most opportune moments.

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Product Data


Natural Abalone sea shell, Tungsten Carbide.

Style Version

Achromic, Midnight


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Band Width


Band Thickness

6mm – 6.5mm (varies by size)


Silver tone, natural


High polish


Step cut with comfort fit

Reference Info

Sizing Guide | Fitting Guide | How To Wear | Care and Cleaning

65 reviews for Father of Pearl

  1. Jordan D (verified owner)

    I received my Achromic FOP cock ring yesterday and could not be more satisfied. I found out about King Rings when I google searched “highest rated stainless steel cock rings”, and boy am I glad I found your excellent site! It was a pleasure to explore your highly professional and informative website with stunning ring designs. Yes, they are on the pricey side, but through excellent design and craftsmanship these elegant cock rings elevate a utilitarian sexual aid to that of art, which felt like an appropriate gift to me and my boys. My ring fits like a glove–by far the most comfortable and best cock ring I have ever seen or owned. I already have my eye on the Celtic! I very much appreciate Scott’s unsolicited personable outreach, which only reinforced my perception that I was dealing with a highly reputable company that genuinely cares about excellent service to its customers. I say: “Go for it–you will not be disappointed!”

  2. Pete (verified owner)

    What a beautiful product! I’ve worn plain, rather bland rings for years and been satisfied with their utility. But when I discovered King Rings I was in awe. I had to have one. The abalone shell inlay is absolutely beautiful. My girlfriend loves it. Purchasing was easy, quick, with follow-up email. Thanks for creating such a quality product.

  3. Wilson (verified owner)

    What a piece of art. I am putting it on my desk when not wearing it. When I do wear it, it fits well and is comfortable for all day.

  4. WILLIAM B (verified owner)

    Loving the Father of Pearl Achromic and can’t wait to get it in Midnight. True Blue was my first (and perhaps still my standard–partly because I got the matching finger ring for it), but I love the FOP also. It’s a great option at the coast–the abalone resembles the inside of oyster shells.

    I’m loving adding to my collection, which includes an achromic glans, which matches either of my current larger rings.

    King Rings’ comfort and fit can’t be beat, and Scott’s customer service remains top notch.

  5. Sharon (verified owner)

    I got this one to my husband for his birthday – and what a success! we both love it! He is a king! He is a knight!
    He loves the felling and thinking about getting another one! They are so pretty, I can’t take my eyes off of it 🙂

  6. Todd (verified owner)

    I received my Father of Pearl Achromic this week immediately put it on and have not taken it off since
    The Abalone is stunning and the pictures do not do it justice.
    The way the sun reflects the colors is beautiful it’s a nice fit and is now my second ring with more to follow
    Scott’s follow-up has been exceptional I cannot believe he has time to respond to every email but he’s done a wonderful job my next one will be the father of pearl midnight

    Keep them coming

  7. Matt (verified owner)

    To Start, these are absolutely beautiful. The weight and craftmanship is just amazing. I couldn’t have imagined that there would be a comfort fit ring for another body part other than my finger, but you can absolutely wear these all day without a problem. They fit snugly but not in a restrictive nature. I love body jewelry on women, so finally I have some body jewelry for myself.

  8. apexremy23 (verified owner)

    Wow. So I’m back with my tenth review. I said it, tenth. So what could I possibly have left to say about these rings?
    That’s the word that came to mind when I opened this ring up. My sixth full size ring, and I’m still floored every time. I’ve never owned anything with abalone before, but from my experience with King Rings, I knew the colors would just explode, and they do. This piece is so exquisite and vibrant that it was just as exciting as my first King Ring. I’m sure it’s amazing in achromic, but I knew from having the Knight Dragon that the black was going to look smooth like glass, I was not disappointed. In fact, I’ve never been disappointed. Not by this this amazing product, and certainly not by the service I’ve always received from Scott. Listen people, as you can see, I can’t tell you enough about these rings, but I won’t give up trying. Whether your already an owner or looking to expand your collection, the Father of Pearl is an absolute must. Thank you so much!

  9. John (verified owner)

    For my first ring, there was no doubt. Father of Pearl in midnight. An object of beauty. The quintessential hardware for gentlemen. A powerful tool for your instrument. Flawless in craftsmanship. Someone had to do it and that someone is Scott King. Customer service is impeccable and delivered with dignity and class.
    The sizing rings are essential. Crown your jewels with a Scott King ring.

  10. Jerry D (verified owner)

    I just received my Midnight FOP and don’t have words to describe how beautiful this ring is. I have been wearing C rings for over 20 years now but nothing has come even close to the quality and beauty of this ring. This will not be my last purchase, I will be placing another order today for the Rose Dragon. Scott has been great in his support in customer service and satisfaction. I am completely satisfied with this purchase. Thank you Scott.

  11. Andy Y (verified owner)

    This ring is so fantastic, I’ve bought it 3 times! I had on original FoP and a Midnight FoP and absolutely loved them! Unfortunately my King Ring collection was lost during travel so I obviously needed to replace what I lost. Father of Pearl is hands down the crown jewel of cock rings. My wife can’t take her eyes off my package when I’m wearing it and when I wear it on when I’m out in public, it gives you a confidence boost like you cannot believe!

  12. Gord (verified owner)

    Well, I finally got a King Ring (Midnight Father of Pearl). What a great investment, the weight and feel wrapped around my cock and balls is unbelievable. No stainless steel ring can compare. My wife loves how hard it makes me, this will not be my last ring.

  13. Christopher M (verified owner)

    The “Father of Pearl” cock ring in 50mm is one of two King Rings that I currently own (there will be more). To describe this ring, I will begin by saying that it is quite a luxurious piece of hardware. The ornate abalone inlay is both beautiful and unique to each ring, and I could not be happier with the way mine turned out. I chose the achromic version which is polished to a superb, mirror finish that gives this ring its stunning appearance paired with the abalone.

    Coming in at roughly 8 ounces, it is the heaviest ring that I own (the other being the “Woody”). I really enjoy the weight of the ring because as I mentioned in my review of the “Woody,” it gives my cock a nice weighted bounce, as I walk about throughout the day. I never would have thought it, but there is something quite pleasurable about the tugging sensation that you get from the weight of these rings so to me, it is a welcome aspect of King Rings.

    I find the ring to be very comfortable to wear for extended periods (by extended I mean several hours at a time). The inner contours of the ring make putting it on and wearing it such a pleasure. Wearing the ring while flaccid or erect is comfortable for me thanks to the available sizing rings. *Please do your due diligence in selecting the best size with the sizing rings.

    Overall I am more than satisfied with the rings that I own and because of that, I know I will be able to make future purchases with complete confidence that I will love the next items that I order from Scott.

    Thank you for reading my review and please check out the King Rings images on Reddit. It is a great platform to see the rings as worn and to be able to reach out to the owners with questions and share thoughts.


  14. Larry A (verified owner)

    I now have 5 King Rings, recently adding an Achromatic Father of Pearl to my collection, already owning the Midnight version. Despite the similarity in design, the two are dramatically different visually offering stark contrasts between the midnight and achromatic versions. The abalone in the achromatic ring truly looks like the ocean in daylight, reflecting light dynamically and enhanced by the sparkling shine of the chrome on the borders. Truly spectacular! Great workmanship and quality as always. Outstanding!

  15. Matt (verified owner)

    So I have waited far too long to review this beautiful piece. This is my fourth ring to add to my collection of king rings and I have to agree with everyone who says if you are a fan of these rings, no collection is complete without a father of pearl whether it is the achromatic or the midnight. My choice for now was the midnight and I have to say it is absolutely stunning. When you slip this on you feel for lack of a better word like a king. The abalone is absolutely perfect and catches the eye, and the finish is as usual absolutely perfect with absolutely no imperfections that I could see. This ring feels like it belongs paired with a 3 piece suit for a fancy night out. In closing, i am once again blown away by the attention to detail that goes into these rings and can’t wait to add even more to my collection

  16. SK (verified owner)

    This is my second c-ring and I couldn’t be happier with it. I purchased the Achromic in 50mm, after debating back and forth between that and the Midnight version. I was initially worried that the silver of the ring would be extremely shiny and not as sophisticated looking as the ring would be with a black band. When it arrived, I realized that i had definitely made the right choice- the silver of the band isn’t bright and shiny like cheap jewelry, it has a darker, deep richness to it like a heavy ball bearing. The Abalone is beautifully wrapped around this, mine transitioning from green/blue to red/purple. The face of it is completely smooth, stepping down to a small lip on each side which makes cleanup a breeze.
    Can’t wait to purchase my third!

  17. Perry S (verified owner)

    The Achromic ring is absolutely beautiful! And, to hold it in your hand and more to the point, feel the weight while wearing it is amazing! This is my first ring but will not be my last. My choice to start with the sizing ring kit before ordering worked for me and I personally recommend it to help determine the correct size.


  18. Bevon L (verified owner)

    So I joined in on the Father of Pearl bandwagon, as I could see how popular it is, but had eyes for other rings. But I gotta tell you: there’s reasons it’s one of KR’s definitive designs. I ordered the Midnight version (with a finger ring to match), and I fell in love with it as soon as I opened the package. It is easily the most beautiful ring in my collection, and that’s with 2 other King Rings in said collection. Midnight is a stunner of a design thanks to its clean, smooth finish & lovely Abalone details. You will feel the weight of the Ring when you hold it in your hand, & when you slip it on. As expected from KR, it sits comfortably on your member whether you sport it for playtime or wear it all day long. As if the ring itself weren’t enough of an experience itself, communicating with Scott adds to it even more. His expertise and pleasant manner put a bow on the shopping experience.

    In closing: anyone who purchases from King Rings should have a Father of Pearl in their collection. It is WORTH IT!

  19. Thaddeus K (verified owner)

    I purchased the midnight version of Father of Pearl and am really impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of this ring! I really love how weighty it is which gives you a nice hug throughout the day. Speaking of which, being able to wear all day long is awesome, particularly because the metal is very comfortable! I’d highly recommend!

  20. Scott G. (verified owner)

    When I started exploring member rings, I was less than impressed with what was on the market. Then I found King Rings. From the first moment, I was awestruck by the Father of Pearl ring. The juxtaposition of tungsten carbide and abalone is impressive. The workmanship of the product is superb with a flawless design and finish. Having the ring in hand is amazing. Pictures do not capture the art and precision of the ring. It is amazing when worn.

    I do recommend that one try the sizing ring kit first and consider that the weight of the ring may allow it to slip.

    The best review I can leave is that I will be purchasing another ring.

  21. DeAnna (verified owner)

    King Rings has become my favorite gift to my husband for special occasions. Each ring is absolutely stunning and the Midnight Father of Pearl is no exception. This ring is gorgeous! Seeing it in the sunlight takes it to another level of magnificence.

    My husband gets the matching teeny ring for each C ring. I love noticing when he changes to a different teeny ring. It’s his secret/not so secret signal as to which C ring he is wearing.

  22. Michael S

    I bought the Father of Pearl ring a few months back, and I have worn it everyday since. The weight is great and looks cool as hell. My wife loves my ring as well, the feel of it and the way it shines. It is definitely an awesome piece of jewelry that looks great in and out of my pants. I will be purchasing more rings shortly. Thanks Scott for your excellent work and top notch customer service!

  23. Daniel C (verified owner)

    My new Father of Pearl cock ring mirrors creation itself. The abalone band’s iridescent colors — blues & greens, purples, russets & shadowy silver – erupt from out of the ring’s midnight void, glassy and weighty, like the primordial light of the Big Bang unleashed! Heaven and earth, fire and water must surely have their origins in this shimmering chaos.

    I’m no novice to cock rings; I’ve worn them for 20+ years. Certainly, this cock ring is the most striking in my collection. But because of its weight (9 oz.) and the width of the band (more than 3/4”), I was skeptical that it would fit comfortably. Wrong! It’s the MOST comfortable cock ring I’ve ever worn. And I generally wear my rings all day (except when sleeping). Though my other cock rings have a similar diameter and are even narrower in width – perhaps 1/8” – they occasionally, even when I’m not erect, pinch the skin of my groin or cause that unpleasant “blue balls” sensation. I’ve been wearing my new Father of Pearl ring daily for several weeks now. The ring causes me NO discomfort, not when I’m aroused or at rest! Rather, the agreeable weight at my groin reminds me periodically throughout the day of all the pride, all the joy and pleasures of my sex.

    The ring did have in store one surprise. Erections associated with my King Ring are significantly more pronounced, larger and firmer than those I have with my other cock rings. Hard-on’s are harder,…even than those of my youth, forty years back! (Since wearing my King Ring, my husband has commented more than once on the extra heft of my erections!) My King Ring is sized as recommended by Scott (i.e., the 2-finger test). But I suspect that because of the greater width of a King Ring, more blood is retained within the genitals when stimulated, resulting in even meatier erections.

    When ordering a King Ring, sizing rings are a must. The 2-finger test accurately sizes a ring for purposes of an erection. But I lead a fairly active lifestyle, swimming 3-4 miles a week and perhaps hiking 10 or more miles during the same period. When exercising vigorously, a ring that is one size smaller than is suggested by the 2-finger test might help to keep all my gear, i.e. my testicles, in place. I’ll have a chance to test this theory when I order my next King Ring. I have my eye on a ring from the dragon series; any chance that the Emerald Dragon will soon emerge from hibernation and make a reappearance, Scott?

  24. Cham88 (verified owner)

    It’s been about half a year since I bought my King Ring, and now that the “shiny new toy” bias has worn off, I feel I can give a more objective review.

    It’s still my favorite ring to wear! I am so happy with how well it has held up and how much fun it is to still use after all these months. There was that hesitation at first that buying a King Ring was an impulse purchase that I was going to regret spending the money on, but honestly, if you are into c-rings and can afford the expense, it really is a nice way to treat yourself. I’m even considering buying a second just to have variety for different moods and occasions.

    For this particular ring, the inlay is going to be different for everyone but mine has this one section with an incredible looking pattern that I always make sure to have displayed on the front. Which is an interesting aspect of the Father of Pearl, the one you get will be unique to you.

    Also, as pretty much every other person has said, get the sizing rings if you don’t know. The pricing plan is designed to incentivize you to make sure you have the right fit, that alone speaks volumes about how much the team at King Rings want you to be happy with your purchase. If I hadn’t picked up the sizing rings, I would have chosen a incorrect size based off of other “one-size-fits-all” style mass production rings.

    Every aspect of buying from this company has been great, the product and the support are top-notch!
    If I’m not careful, with these new designs coming out and more stock being added, I’m going to be writing another review soon enough 😉

  25. Mark (verified owner)

    This thing is beautiful. As an owner of a set of twig n berries that doesn’t make the cover of some magazine of ‘Most Beautiful Set Ever!’ this Father of Pearl ring makes the unremarkable verrry noticeable and hopefully…remarkable!
    Due to spending time getting the sizing right, the weight pulls but doesn’t pull off. Do the sizing rings its well worth it.
    My wife said wow…and after 30 years of working with the same equipment, well she’s saying something that’s for sure. Here’s hoping she is mesmerized by the abalone and spends a lot of time checking it out.
    Shipping was great and the sizing ring coupon was applied auto-magically.
    I’m not a nudist…fairly reserved…but now I kinda want someone to notice it…haha probably never happen but what a conversation that might be. Cheers and I hope your experience is as good as mine!

  26. Keith (verified owner)

    This is my first of hopefully many rings. I am addicted and cannot wait to build my collection. The quality and weight is impressive, the craftsmanship is beautiful! I cannot wait to show it off.
    Scott was extremely helpful, patient, and responsive in providing sizing advice. At his advice I purchased the sizing rings, which were extremely helpful.
    As stated in earlier reviews, the pictures of this beauty don’t do it justice.
    I cannot wait to build my collection, I am already considering the True Blue and look forward to new releases and trying different sizes for different purposes:) I am ADDICTED !

  27. jph4157 (verified owner)

    Great product. Do yourself a favor and get the sizing kit first. The coupon you get when you order the kit washes out the cost. Plus it’s fun putting the different rings through the paces as you narrow down your perfect fit.
    Ok to the product at hand. The inlay is gorgeous and the weight is perfect. It did get a little bothersome trying to keep in place during a heavy session with lots of oil but I can’t blame that on the quality of the product. My wife loves it. I haven’t seen her worship my jewels this much in over 8yrs. She actually broke out her phone and took a bunch of pics for herself.
    My only criticism is I wish the care instructions were a little more in-depth. We love to play in our pool but couldn’t tell from the guide if it was ok to wear in the pool or not and we didn’t want to risk it. Also she enjoys relieving herself while going for a ride but we didn’t know if that would have any chemical reaction with the ring or resin.
    Bottom line is buy one you won’t regret it.

  28. Austin L (verified owner)

    Father of Pearl (achromic, aka shiny stainless) was my first King Ring but will definitely not be my last. The weight of the metal feels incredible and the inlay is even more beautiful in person. I wore it to a nudist camp out and got many, many compliments on it. Now I just have to figure out which one to get next!

  29. Larry A (verified owner)

    First off, working with Scott is a truly wonderful experience. He is quick to respond, answers questions honestly and directly, and can provide welcome sizing advice for those who need it. When I first ordered this ring, he identified a manufacturing defect in the ring, sent me a video showing the ring and the defect, and gave me options about whether to buy the defective ring or wait for a newly manufactured ring. I chose to wait and was it worth it!

    The ring that I ultimately received is truly stunning. The abalone was so well inlaid that you could barely see the seam unless you intentionally looked. The colors are so amazing, and the contrast against the black tungsten is perfect to show off the dynamic colors. The weight of this ring is just right for all day and intimate encounters. I highly suggest the matching finger ring to signal to your partner(s) what’s hiding for them to find later.

    If I had any criticism about the ring it would be about the step cut edges occasionally will pinch at my skin. If the ring was bevel or dome cut, it would be perfect! That being said, I still rate the ring 5 stars!

    Thank you Scott for this beautiful addition to my collection!

  30. Tommy (verified owner)

    I was so excited to get my Father of Pearl achromic. My wife helped pick it out. The look and feel and weight are just what I was looking for. Truly impressive!
    Already thinking about a smaller size for all day wear!
    Y’all should really think about owners pics on your website. I immediately showed my best friend and he was amazed!

  31. Dan D (verified owner)

    This is my 6th king ring. I had already purchased this ring in the achromatic, but I just had to have it in black. As always the craftsmanship is a perfect 10. I cannot wait to purchase king ring number 7 very soon!! Scott goes above and beyond. I am so glad I started this journey.

  32. Matthew M (verified owner)

    I really don’t know what I can even add to the trove of compliments and glowing reviews. These things really do speak for themselves when you have them in person and even more so when you have them adorned on their throne. It’s a special kind of appreciation that one feels for a piece of jewelry and these are unique for the fact that nothing like it really exists as far as I know. Sure you have regular stainless steel ones or rubber but those aren’t meant to enhance the ambience of the whole experience rather than alter the physical attribute. This does all that and more.

    I also can’t express enough how wonderful the customer service has been. Scott is a true gentleman and wants you to be confident in your purchase and at the same time maintains a professional and playful inter-activeness that is refreshing.

    All I can say really is do yourself a favor and buy one (or collect them all if you can).

  33. Ben (verified owner)

    OK Guys, time for my 2nd review.
    I loved my first Midnight FOP ring so very much, that I decided to get the Silver/Achromic version as my 2nd King-Ring, only days after my black one arrived, the only difference is that I got one size smaller for my 2nd. I’m not sure which I love more. At first I thought the black version was much nicer, but now I can’t make up my mind. I now have a handsome pair of rings that I will enjoy for many years to “cum”. (Pun intended)

    Out of my relatively limited experience with King-Rings, I have realized that some of us guys may actually need more than one size in our arsenal… but that’s just my preference, having more than one size for different scenarios. E.g a slightly looser fit for extended sessions etc, and a tighter fit for casual all-day-under-suit wear.

    Although I must say, (from my personal experience thus far), if you happen to be an ‘uncut’ gentleman like myself, you will probably find that your Ring may tend to work its way off more easily when worn whilst flaccid (in some cases), compared to someone who is ‘cut’, as the foreskin will help “mini-me” to hide away at times contributing to ring slippage, in particular when you sit down or bend over (At least with me it did. The same would apply to Glans Rings which may not be practical for us uncut gentleman – what a pity) Which is where having a slightly smaller Ring, and perhaps a slightly lighter one as well, may prove to be advantageous, but of course always following the safety guidelines with the 2 finger rule. However the weight of these rings is super sexy. Looking forward to ordering more, both lighter and heavier.

    Another element to my experience with King-Rings is that Scott’s business model, and personal interest with his clients is A+ – the fact that he is kind, honest, frank, generous, and so helpful in the way he communicates with his clients, and the fact that he makes you feel that the idea of wearing member rings is perfectly normal, makes the whole experience so much better. He makes you feel like part of the family, by taking personal interest. (…and he’ll reply to your emails all in due time, even if you’re really annoying like me).

    I’m SO excited to have found King-Rings that I can already see myself accumulating a large collection in time. This is going to be one expensive habit – oh dear

    Guys, if you don’t already have one of these rings crowning your family jewels whilst reading this review, you’re missing out big time. Do yourself a favour and place an order already, and add your own review to this list. – Have Fun!!

  34. KB (verified owner)

    Wow, this is such an awesome ring! It’s the first one I’ve owned I didn’t make myself out of thermoplastic and I gotta say, I probably won’t be 3d printing any more any time soon. Speaking of which, many thanks Scott for providing stl files for the sizing rings – helped a ton in getting the right size sorted out fast. Models were spot on. You should put those up on thingiverse.

    In person, it is just stunning how beautiful this ring is. My wife and I absolutely love it!

  35. Jaime (verified owner)

    Going to renew marriage vows soon and the wife and I were looking for something special for the occasion. Came across the King-Ring website and wow we were blown away with the site. She had a hard time making a choice, so many incredible looking rings to choose from. Finally chose the father of pearl, we were so impressed with the way it looks and the quality of workmanship. Definitely want to buy some of the others.

  36. David (verified owner)

    What can I say, this is an incredible looking ring – my seventh in my King Ring collection and they keep getting better and better. The craftsmanship is beautiful and when worn it feels very comfortable all day. I chose a smaller size then my usual (I been liking a tighter fit lately). but my advise would be to try the sizing rings first.

    I keep thinking that I have a favorite out of my collection but truly they all are – however, I been wearing this one more and more. It’s a great piece of jewelry.

  37. Ben (verified owner)

    – OK guys, now it’s my turn to post an honest review.
    If I could sum up my experience and thoughts about owning this Father of Pearl Midnight ring, in 1 word – WOW! –
    Scott and his wife have tripped over a gold nugget by entering this niche.

    – This ring is gorgeous! You can see the entire spectrum of colours on the abalone shell that is encased and protected around the ring in polished resin. As each shell is unique, you are buying a one-of-a-kind ring. Even if there are some other guys around the world who are fortunate enough to have one of these wrapped around their precious family jewels, each one is special.

    – You need to understand that these rings are heavy, and you need to actually “want” that weight when buying these amazing rings. If you don’t want a heavy ring, then perhaps order Scott’s stainless steel versions instead, which are much lighter.

    – Wearing these rings gives you a wonderful sexy tugging bounce in your pants, and not only a tool for the bedroom, so the weight is necessary.

    – I’m relatively new to c-rings, but I’m so excited to have invested in a King Ring. Even if you may be a super conservative kind of guy and have stumbled across this site, or you are in 2 minds about spending so much money on one, let me put your mind at ease, as you will not be disappointed if you decide to splurge on one.

    – If you wear rings on your fingers, and bracelets/chains ets, or a nice watch, then it’s only logical to get intimate jewellery as well, it will make an amazing addition to your jewellery collection. The only thing that I’m disappointed about is that it’s not something that you can show off in public by dropping your pants whilst at a restaurant…pity. However you can buy finger rings as a matching set that you can show off instead, and wearing it on your hand reminds you of what you have on down stairs…wink wink.

    – It’s very important to order the trial sizing rings first, and go from there. You may find that you can fit into at least 2 sizes safely to choose from, following the 2 finger guide, and you will be surprised to learn that you may need a smaller size than you originally thought. Remember though, when gravity goes to work, you may find that it will work its way off and down your pant leg with the heavier rings if the size is not right for you, but if you are in doubt, send an email to Scott and he will work you through it and put your mind at ease, before you buy.

    – Highly recommended!! I’m already planning on ordering my 2nd one… and 3rd….and 4th. Thanks a million Scott!

  38. David T (verified owner)

    This is my first ring. The midnight father of pearl. Very high quality even better than the little movie on this page. Nice and weighty . Very comfortable feels so much better than the sizing ring. My wife loves it. I could not be happier. Do get the sizing rings. I tried the 3 sizes that would fit and wore each about a week and got the two finger one and that works great for me. I also got the finger ring to match and it is great also.
    David T
    February 23, 2021

  39. Will M (verified owner)

    I have two of these rings, and I cannot say enough how much I absolutely love them. My first was the Achromic, and I loved it so much I purchased the Midnight ring too. It truly is the highest quality c-ring there is! I get many, many compliments on them and it has improved my “interactions” (catch my drift) dramatically. The customer service is amazing, fast shipping, and I look forward to ordering more!

  40. Kurt B (verified owner)

    All around very beautiful and the PROFESSIONAL follow up by the owner is awesome all around great company great products!! Couldn’t be happier!!

  41. Eliazar G (verified owner)

    Best c-ring I’ve ever owned! Item arrived as time mentioned, they even upgraded my shipping, thank you!! As I opened the package I noticed it was boxed nicely and also had a nice little weight behind it. I open the box and seen it was packaged in a sweet looking little pouch, and then I pull the ring out and admire its entire beauty for a bit and loved it. There appears to be a minor fault where the Abalone is cracked, but other than that it’s flawless, the weight is definitely amazing!

  42. Michael (verified owner)

    I enjoy the feeling of wearing a cock ring, and I have purchased other high quality rings. My purchase of the Midnight Father of Pearl ushered me into the world of King Rings. And while I love some of my other rings, this one takes pride of place for me. I find it quite comfortable. I enjoy the added weight and width of this; it feels so good under my pants. The smoothness of the ring ensures that my jewels do not ache at all. Yes, this ring costs more than most you will come across, but if you want the best… Suffice it to say, I plan on purchasing another ring from King Rings in the very near future.

  43. Danny (verified owner)

    I purchased the Midnight Father of Pearl after first finding my size with the sizing rings. (Definitely get the sizers first!) After a week, I’m very pleased with my purchase. I don’t make expensive purchases without a lot of careful thought, and I’d never before worn a c-ring, but I’m glad I made this investment in myself. Everyone else has said how great the ring is, so what I’ll add as a first-time ring-wearer is that the weight feels great and doesn’t hurt or ache at all (which was my hesitation). It just feels like a gentle tug that slightly arouses and reminds you what you have under your slacks. Feels especially great in loose-fitting underwear. Feels great when aroused and when flaccid. Feels great wearing all day. Feels exciting and slightly naughty and makes you want to show it off and share your discovery. Just give it a try… if you’re curious and reading these reviews, you should find your size and get a King Ring!

  44. Konrad F (verified owner)

    Another stunning ring! I absolutely love it and it has quickly become one of my favorites. I appreciate that you make it in different sizes. I got a slightly smaller size than I usually get and it’s perfect for everyday wear. I had a mishap with a ring the next size up – because of the weight it slid off and down my pant leg at an inopportune time! 🤣 I have every confidence that won’t happen with this ring. Thank you for making the most gorgeous rings it out there. I’ve said it before – they’re jewels for your jewels!

  45. Ralph F (verified owner)

    I love small and large bodies of water and I have lived most of my life by them. My favorite colors are blues and purples. Hence, my choice was for the Father of Pearl. This exquisite ring is masterly crafted and it’s bold weight gives you the feeling of mightiness. To determine the proper size I first ordered the sizing rings that helped me order the right one. I am comfortable wearing it all day. Scott was also of great help, and he will gladly and promptly assist you with any questions that you may have. King Rings are second to none, and I will be ordering a second one!

  46. James N (verified owner)

    I received the Father of Pearl ring very quickly and the quality and craftsmanship are top notch. The weight is very comfortable as well.

    Scott was fantastic at helping me get my order placed. Excellent customer service! Thank you!

  47. William B

    I received my Midnight Father of Pearl ring last night. Opened it with my wife. Stunning! This is my 4th King Ring, and I love them all, but this one is exquisitely Beautiful!
    The pictures are good, but to see this ring in person, is simply amazing. The dark ring with the beautiful Father of Pearl and the light radiating off of it was impressive. I usually wait a bit before reviewing, but am truly impressed with both the looks as well as the ultra fine craftsmanship of the inlay. Scott always puts out amazing rings, but this one is going to be my favorite for a long time I am certain!

    Needless to say, it was put to use immediately, and is certainly going to be worn extensively in the coming days. This was truly worth the wait.

  48. John Ballent (verified owner)

    The Father of Pearl (premium) was my second King-Ring. It is absolutely perfect! It is another example of the excellent quality and craftsmanship that Scott and his jeweler produce. My order was promptly placed but, unfortunately, there was a mix-up on the shipment. Scott personally and quickly resolved the problem. I learned that they have small but high-end one-of-a-kind business. They are dedicated to customer satisfaction and you will not be disappointed. If you appreciate high-end sexy quality, I urge you to give them a try. If you are new to C-rings, I highly recommend you try the Sizing Rings first – the right fit is the key to the enjoyment of a C-ring.

  49. Michael M (verified owner)

    Exquisite and very comfortable. Ring arrived promptly. Scott and his Team never let you down!

  50. MF (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting for the midnight Father premium to drop for some time. My order was placed within an hour of getting the email (if you’re not subscribed to the emails, your missing out). Like always the ring arrived promptly. This is my 8th ring from KR, and is by far the most beautiful. KR’s rings have an amazing feel due to the impeccable finishes and weight.

    Scott, my wife and I thank you for your continued efforts to provide the very best C-rings on the market.

  51. Andy (verified owner)

    My first King-ring was the father of pearl and I was blown away by how stunning it was, I absolutely loved it. When Scott told me about the new premium midnight version was coming out I immediately told him to take my money and send it to me!

    I’m rarely at a loss for words but really the only thing I can say about this ring is its truly a work of art! The black tungsten and inlay basically dance with each other in the light. I almost haven’t taken it off since I’ve recieved it. Even my significant other loves it because the green of the inlay “matches the sparkle in her eyes”.

    This ring is an 11 out of 10. Seriously it’s a work of art!

  52. Jonathan C

    5 stars and more. I thought the True Blue was a beauty but the Father of Pearl is on a completely different level.

    This ring is truly stunning. I went with the premium option which uses larger pieces of abalone, but I swear my ring looks to be made from a single piece of abalone.

    I bought this ring in the new 48mm size and for me it is a perfect fit. The ring has a good weight which if you wear it all day provides a pleasurable gentle reminder of it presence.

  53. WM (verified owner)

    This Father of Pearl ring is my first purchase from King Rings, and I purchased the Premium style. I absolutely love it! 5 stars is simply not enough! As soon as I received it, I put it on and have been enjoying it ever since. The weight is perfect, and the ring is truly beautiful! It is great for all day wear and it is highly enjoyable when wearing with your partner. I even went kayaking the first day I had it, and I loved the increased bulge as well as weight while being active. Enjoying wearing it under my suits at work too. Highly recommend. I will be purchasing more soon!

  54. Kirk S. (verified owner)

    My only mistake was not ordering the teeny tiny ring to go with it …

    The Father of Pearl design is fantastic; I got the Premium version and it looks even better live and in person than it does on the website. It practically glows when the light hits it and is quickly becoming a new fave (which is a tough compare given that I have four other King-Rings.)

    As usual, the quality and customer service are impeccable.

    I am blown away by the beauty of this ring. Yes, I am a fan … and just ordered the matching finger ring.

  55. Mike R (verified owner)

    I’ve owned and worn a number of steel rings over the years and am so excited I found King Rings – They are unmatched in class and style! The premium Father of Pearl was my purchase and it is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the outstanding customer service and looking forward to my next purchase.

  56. Dan D (verified owner)

    This is my second king ring. I could not be happier with my purchase. The customer service at king rings is outstanding! There will definitely be a Third king ring in the near future!

  57. Jim H (verified owner)

    I’m not certain who loves my new Father of Pearl ring more, me or my wife. Our shower is sunlit and the abalone inlays come to life in the sunshine making it impossible for her to walk past without a lustful stare, thank you Scott! The quality, weight and comfort are unmatched by any other ring I own. Exceptional product, service and results, can’t wait to pull the trigger on another one!

  58. Robert (verified owner)

    I received my Father of Pearl cock ring earlier this week and have to honestly say that I LOVE it! The way that the inlays sparkle in the light, it is almost like looking at exquisite stained glass. I thought that the weight would be off putting, but it feels so good when you are moving around with it gripping you. Cant wait to show off this truly amazing piece of craftsmanship. I am so happy with my decision to buy a King Ring from Scott. Looking forward to my next purchase…I have my eye on the Knight Dragon.

  59. H (verified owner)

    It’s an absolutely stunning ring, beautifully constructed, and catches the light (and the light in my woman’s eyes when she sees it) magnificently! The ring has quickly become my favourite, huge thanks to Scott and all at King Rings for producing an amazing work of art!

  60. Andy (verified owner)

    To say I’m impressed with my father of pearl cock ring is a severe understatement. It is absolutely stunning and amazing! It grips me like a glove and feels wonderful. It blows all my other rings out of the water. I’m completely satisfied with my purchase and can’t wait to buy more. This is truly the Rolex of cock rings!

  61. Tom (verified owner)

    I have a fairly large collection of C-Rings, however, when I bought the Father of Pearl ring from King Rings, I was stunned that it could be that amazing. The beauty of the abalone and especially the pure weight of it makes it my favorite by far, especially laying at our pool in the backyard and watching the sun shine on it, simply beautiful! It’s truly an amazing ring and out of all the rings I’ve purchased from other companies, this one is simply the five star winner!

  62. MF (verified owner)

    The abalone inlays cannot be fully appreciated by the photos, a very subtle texture combined by the way it catches the light make it a true joy to wear. The amount of detail paid to the fit and finish of Scott’s rings are remarkable.

  63. Ed (verified owner)

    I purchased the Father Of Pearl and it is stunning. When light reflects off this ring, the effect is mesmerizing. Needless to say the ring is of excellent craftsmanship. I tried the sizing ring first, to ensure a perfect fit. I would recommend following this route.
    There are boutique stores in Provincetown Cape Cod that these products would find a welcome home. Theses rings need to be seen and felt to fully appreciate their beauty and grace. I am happy with my purchase.

  64. Jeff (verified owner)

    I’m more of a science driven man, but the beauty of this ring makes me ponder the metaphysical properties of abalone. It’s definitely a masculine piece of jewelry with “divine energy.” Pictures don’t adequately convey it’s uniqueness. Very captivating. The quality and weight exceeded my expectations. The only thing that would make it better is a matching glans ring 😉

  65. Keith B (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it
    Good weight
    Fit and finish as expected
    Absolutely the best c ring on the planet!!!

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