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Father of Pearl

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Weighty Tungsten Carbide member ring, step cut, with natural Abalone inlay. Incredibly unique and available in three distinct styles. Your partner will want to get a very close look.

Classic: Our original style that became popular quickly and received award nominations. The inlay is crafted of numerous pieces of exposed, natural Abalone. You can feel the sea shell texture of this inlay.

Premium: Large pieces of natural Abalone perfectly cut to wrap the rings’ curvature and sealed in crystal clear resin which protects the Abalone and makes it smooth to the touch.

Midnight: Same as Premium style but ion coated in Midnight Black for a contrast that really pops.

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Tungsten Carbide member ring inlaid with natural Abalone, an organic gem possessing strong iridescence and found in a variety of swirled colors; moody blues, mysterious greens, and royal purples. Each ring has unique character.

This distinctive and one of a kind member ring catches light in unexpected ways. If you are fortunate enough to have access to an outdoor pool or sunny beach where natural beauty is encouraged, Father Of Pearl is a natural choice.

Classic: Our original style that became popular quickly and received award nominations. The inlay is crafted of numerous pieces of exposed, natural Abalone. You can feel the sea shell texture of this inlay.

Premium: Large pieces of natural Abalone perfectly cut to wrap the rings’ curvature and sealed in crystal clear resin which protects the Abalone and makes it smooth to the touch.

Midnight: Same as Premium style but ion coated in Midnight Black for a contrast that really pops.

Pairs equally well with formal slacks, well worn jeans, or surfer shorts and makes great eye candy when the pants come off. Father of Pearl is an exceptional ring capable of dropping jaws at the most opportune moments.

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Product Data


Natural Abalone sea shell, Tungsten Carbide.

Style Version

Classic, Premium, Midnight


, , , ,


7.2, 7.6, 7.8, 9.8, 10.5 ounces

Band Width


Band Thickness

6mm – 6.5mm (varies by size)


Silver tone, natural


High polish


Step cut with comfort fit

Reference Info

Sizing Guide | Fitting Guide | How To Wear | Care and Cleaning

20 reviews for Father of Pearl

  1. Keith B (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it
    Good weight
    Fit and finish as expected
    Absolutely the best c ring on the planet!!!

  2. Jeff (verified owner)

    I’m more of a science driven man, but the beauty of this ring makes me ponder the metaphysical properties of abalone. It’s definitely a masculine piece of jewelry with “divine energy.” Pictures don’t adequately convey it’s uniqueness. Very captivating. The quality and weight exceeded my expectations. The only thing that would make it better is a matching glans ring 😉

  3. Ed (verified owner)

    I purchased the Father Of Pearl and it is stunning. When light reflects off this ring, the effect is mesmerizing. Needless to say the ring is of excellent craftsmanship. I tried the sizing ring first, to ensure a perfect fit. I would recommend following this route.
    There are boutique stores in Provincetown Cape Cod that these products would find a welcome home. Theses rings need to be seen and felt to fully appreciate their beauty and grace. I am happy with my purchase.

  4. MF (verified owner)

    The abalone inlays cannot be fully appreciated by the photos, a very subtle texture combined by the way it catches the light make it a true joy to wear. The amount of detail paid to the fit and finish of Scott’s rings are remarkable.

  5. Tom (verified owner)

    I have a fairly large collection of C-Rings, however, when I bought the Father of Pearl ring from King Rings, I was stunned that it could be that amazing. The beauty of the abalone and especially the pure weight of it makes it my favorite by far, especially laying at our pool in the backyard and watching the sun shine on it, simply beautiful! It’s truly an amazing ring and out of all the rings I’ve purchased from other companies, this one is simply the five star winner!

  6. Andy (verified owner)

    To say I’m impressed with my father of pearl cock ring is a severe understatement. It is absolutely stunning and amazing! It grips me like a glove and feels wonderful. It blows all my other rings out of the water. I’m completely satisfied with my purchase and can’t wait to buy more. This is truly the Rolex of cock rings!

  7. H (verified owner)

    It’s an absolutely stunning ring, beautifully constructed, and catches the light (and the light in my woman’s eyes when she sees it) magnificently! The ring has quickly become my favourite, huge thanks to Scott and all at King Rings for producing an amazing work of art!

  8. Robert (verified owner)

    I received my Father of Pearl cock ring earlier this week and have to honestly say that I LOVE it! The way that the inlays sparkle in the light, it is almost like looking at exquisite stained glass. I thought that the weight would be off putting, but it feels so good when you are moving around with it gripping you. Cant wait to show off this truly amazing piece of craftsmanship. I am so happy with my decision to buy a King Ring from Scott. Looking forward to my next purchase…I have my eye on the Knight Dragon.

  9. Jim H (verified owner)

    I’m not certain who loves my new Father of Pearl ring more, me or my wife. Our shower is sunlit and the abalone inlays come to life in the sunshine making it impossible for her to walk past without a lustful stare, thank you Scott! The quality, weight and comfort are unmatched by any other ring I own. Exceptional product, service and results, can’t wait to pull the trigger on another one!

  10. Dan D (verified owner)

    This is my second king ring. I could not be happier with my purchase. The customer service at king rings is outstanding! There will definitely be a Third king ring in the near future!

  11. Mike R (verified owner)

    I’ve owned and worn a number of steel rings over the years and am so excited I found King Rings – They are unmatched in class and style! The premium Father of Pearl was my purchase and it is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the outstanding customer service and looking forward to my next purchase.

  12. Kirk S. (verified owner)

    My only mistake was not ordering the teeny tiny ring to go with it …

    The Father of Pearl design is fantastic; I got the Premium version and it looks even better live and in person than it does on the website. It practically glows when the light hits it and is quickly becoming a new fave (which is a tough compare given that I have four other King-Rings.)

    As usual, the quality and customer service are impeccable.

    I am blown away by the beauty of this ring. Yes, I am a fan … and just ordered the matching finger ring.

  13. WM (verified owner)

    This Father of Pearl ring is my first purchase from King Rings, and I purchased the Premium style. I absolutely love it! 5 stars is simply not enough! As soon as I received it, I put it on and have been enjoying it ever since. The weight is perfect, and the ring is truly beautiful! It is great for all day wear and it is highly enjoyable when wearing with your partner. I even went kayaking the first day I had it, and I loved the increased bulge as well as weight while being active. Enjoying wearing it under my suits at work too. Highly recommend. I will be purchasing more soon!

  14. Jonathan C

    5 stars and more. I thought the True Blue was a beauty but the Father of Pearl is on a completely different level.

    This ring is truly stunning. I went with the premium option which uses larger pieces of abalone, but I swear my ring looks to be made from a single piece of abalone.

    I bought this ring in the new 48mm size and for me it is a perfect fit. The ring has a good weight which if you wear it all day provides a pleasurable gentle reminder of it presence.

  15. Andy (verified owner)

    My first King-ring was the father of pearl and I was blown away by how stunning it was, I absolutely loved it. When Scott told me about the new premium midnight version was coming out I immediately told him to take my money and send it to me!

    I’m rarely at a loss for words but really the only thing I can say about this ring is its truly a work of art! The black tungsten and inlay basically dance with each other in the light. I almost haven’t taken it off since I’ve recieved it. Even my significant other loves it because the green of the inlay “matches the sparkle in her eyes”.

    This ring is an 11 out of 10. Seriously it’s a work of art!

  16. MF (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting for the midnight Father premium to drop for some time. My order was placed within an hour of getting the email (if you’re not subscribed to the emails, your missing out). Like always the ring arrived promptly. This is my 8th ring from KR, and is by far the most beautiful. KR’s rings have an amazing feel due to the impeccable finishes and weight.

    Scott, my wife and I thank you for your continued efforts to provide the very best C-rings on the market.

  17. Michael M (verified owner)

    Exquisite and very comfortable. Ring arrived promptly. Scott and his Team never let you down!

  18. John Ballent (verified owner)

    The Father of Pearl (premium) was my second King-Ring. It is absolutely perfect! It is another example of the excellent quality and craftsmanship that Scott and his jeweler produce. My order was promptly placed but, unfortunately, there was a mix-up on the shipment. Scott personally and quickly resolved the problem. I learned that they have small but high-end one-of-a-kind business. They are dedicated to customer satisfaction and you will not be disappointed. If you appreciate high-end sexy quality, I urge you to give them a try. If you are new to C-rings, I highly recommend you try the Sizing Rings first – the right fit is the key to the enjoyment of a C-ring.

  19. William B

    I received my Midnight Father of Pearl ring last night. Opened it with my wife. Stunning! This is my 4th King Ring, and I love them all, but this one is exquisitely Beautiful!
    The pictures are good, but to see this ring in person, is simply amazing. The dark ring with the beautiful Father of Pearl and the light radiating off of it was impressive. I usually wait a bit before reviewing, but am truly impressed with both the looks as well as the ultra fine craftsmanship of the inlay. Scott always puts out amazing rings, but this one is going to be my favorite for a long time I am certain!

    Needless to say, it was put to use immediately, and is certainly going to be worn extensively in the coming days. This was truly worth the wait.

  20. James N (verified owner)

    I received the Father of Pearl ring very quickly and the quality and craftsmanship are top notch. The weight is very comfortable as well.

    Scott was fantastic at helping me get my order placed. Excellent customer service! Thank you!

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