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Tungsten Carbide glans ring with comfort fit interior – like a quality wedding band – and soft bevel cut exterior for extraordinary wearability. These rings fit on the penis shaft just behind the head (glans), weigh in the 3 ounce range, and provide a pleasurable hug, tug, and sway all day.

Made to pair with our signature Member Rings for an unparalleled elegant yet masculine style. Discover your best fit.

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Glans Rings are a simple accessory that wears effortlessly yet will draw attention all day. They fit just behind the head of the penis, an area dense with nerve endings that will happily report a gentle hug as long as you wear the ring.

Made of solid Tungsten Carbide, the rings weigh between 2.8 and 3.8 ounces each depending on size and are styled to coordinate with our signature Member Rings for a distinct and impressive look. You won’t find anything like these anywhere, Google can demonstrate that.

For more than just casual wear, glans rings physically cover the highly sensitive frenulum beneath the head of your penis and can thereby assist in delaying ejaculation. Wearing a set of King Rings – cock and glans – boosts an erection, prolongs an experience, and leads to highly charged orgasms.

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Product Data


Solid Tungsten Carbide with plating in rich color, 18kt Yellow Gold, or 14kt Rose Gold (copper and gold blend)

Band Width


Band Thickness



High polish


Dome cut with comfort fit

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Sizing Guide | Fitting Guide | How To Wear | Care and Cleaning

68 reviews for Glans Rings

  1. Snakeguy83 (verified owner)

    I got this glans ring to go with the the midnight father of pearl cock ring. It did not disappoint it shows off the ring very well. I also own some other black cockrings and really sets of the pieces as well. It is nice to wear on its own. Kings rings by far are my favorite glans rings. I own two and probably will get the whole collection.

  2. Tom R (verified owner)

    First I decided to order the sizing rings but the Post Office had difficulty in getting them to me. Scott communicated with me concerning this problem and helped me out to get them on time. I determined the 2 sizes that might be the one for my Glans Ring – the 24mm and the 26mm size. I decided to go with the larger 26mm size and ordered my first 18kt Yellow Gold Glans Ring. My ring arrived in just a few days and is fantastic. It is a beautiful high quality polished yellow gold and has the weight you can feel as you take it out of the box. I had no trouble getting it over the head of my dick and love the way it allows my dick to swing back and forth (as I always go commando) and the sensation it gives keeps a smile on my face all day. The only problem is that I should have gone with the smaller 24mm size to keep it in place all day. I plan to order a 24mm Glans Ring in the very near future. The 18kt Yellow Gold Glans Ring is a work of art and the feeling it gives you wearing it can’t be beat. Thanks so much Scott for your Company and its products.

  3. Snakeguy83 (verified owner)

    First and foremost do yourself a favor and buy the sizing rings. I got the the Ocean glans ring at the 26 size. It is the perfect fit. I own a lot of metal glans rings with all different weights this one surpasses them all. I love the look of it. It is well worth the money.

  4. Dan D (verified owner)

    I just received my glans ring , and I couldn’t be happier! This thing is perfect. Im impressed by the weight of it. Makes going commando even better. 10 out of 10! Will definitely buy more glans rings.

  5. Kelley S (verified owner)

    My first King rings order arrived today, and I went to a coffee shop nearest my PO, and put them on. Wow!

    My first order is an Ocean glans ring in 28mm, and a Sea Dragon member ring in 48mm. They are beautiful and heavy – I know, we see over and over how heavy they are in the catalog. But until you are walking around with the real thing on, you really don’t know. I love the pull, and the tightness. I’m thinking this will be great for daily wear, and I have ten hours of driving tomorrow to test that, which means I’ll probably have these on for over twelve hours. Just in case, I’ll have the cases and some shea butter.

    I will order a 26mm glans ring, for certain. Given that the first set I tried on was a 24 and a 46, I am so glad I wore the sizing rings for several days, in each size and combination that I was considering.

    I decided against a 24mm glans ring, after wearing it for a day, and then on a date. Too tight! In a scary, “are we needing to go to the ER way”. I thought that with the weight of the ring, I would need the extra friction of a tight fit – Nope! Called that one wrong. The 26mm and the 28mm will be my go-to sizes for a glans ring.

    Undecided if I’d be wearing a 46mm or a 48mm more often, but I am comfortable with both, so my next decision will be the shape of the 46mm I will order. Where I need to put some thought is in the shape, i.e., beveled, like my Sea Dragon, or something rounded. Any advice?

    Trust the fit rings, sizing process, and common sense!

    Thank you, Scott, and the King Rings Team, and Community!

  6. Jeff P

    Absolutely love my new Glans Ring (Ocean) that my girlfriend purchased and surprised me with, for my birthday! Now there’s really nothing additional to say regarding the craftsmanship and beauty of any King Rings products, they’re just BADASS!

    I would like to comment on the customer service this company provides – Scott is incredible and has proven to be the difference between good and GREAT! Remember, this was a surprise from my girlfriend who’s absolutely clueless when it comes to the products, fit, feel, etc…but has become a true lover of the looks and feeling my King Rings have provided her with. Now that being said, she took the daunting task to look into purchasing me this new Ocean Glans Ring and became hung up with a few questions so she reached out to communicate with Scott for help. Not only was she taken care of, she felt relieved by her worries of purchasing the “Gift” that she so badly wanted to surprise me with.

    After I opened this gift she couldn’t stop going on over how much Scott helped her and walked her through explaining everything. She was ecstatic and quickly took the ring to clean in so we both could try it on! Obviously it was a great day, and to top it all off, she handed me the box it was shipped in with a handwritten note, from the BADASS himself, that read “Happy Birthday Jeff!”. And that’s the difference you’ll find in dealing with such an incredible company that produces such amazing products!


  7. Roger (verified owner)

    I’m new to King Rings and only recently purchased a Tempest cock ring. Wow! While enjoying my new bling over the last couple of weeks, I decided to complete the package with a glans ring so I ordered the genius sizing rings to find my fit.

    I knew from the reviews and Scott’s advice that the fit beneath the corona was crucial to keeping a glans ring in place so I really gave it a lot of consideration. Confident in my 24mm choice, I punched the order button for an achromatic glans ring and the real deal arrived two days later.

    Feeling the heft in my hand and admiring it in the light, I was struck by the mass of this beautiful, gleaming ring and wondered if I’d ever get the head of my penis through that heavy width and thickness. I did get it seated up snugly hugging the corona, but not without patience — the process is a turn-on. In position, brace yourself — it’s a sensation like no other. This is my first experience with a glans ring. No wonder guys love these things!

    As far as endowment goes, I fall in the average range. I’m a “grower” not a “shower” and the natural situation of my goods is “high and tight.” That’s why it was a thrill to see the wrinkles disappear from my flaccid penis as the weight of the ring elongated my shaft. The “tug and pull” are not a myth. The incredible sensation of my heavy, pendulous cock swinging with every step is new to me. I love it. And it’s proof that you don’t have to be hung like a horse to feel like a stallion.

    I put the the ring through its paces — sweaty yardwork and a long brisk walk with the dog, to test the staying power. Success there confirmed the ring fit right and stayed put. The ingenious smooth inside curve hugs the ridge of the corona perfectly without constriction or unpleasantness. This encouraged me to go further afield with confidence that I’d not be surprised by a loud clink as it slid out of my shorts and onto the ground.

    I cannot imagine the time and money Scott has spent on R&D, but whatever the toll, we customers are the beneficiaries. Thank you, Scott and Team! Thanks also for your fantastic customer service — you clearly want each of us to have a success story with your products. These rings, both cock and glans, live up to their claims. If you’ve been tempted, then you already want one. Explore the sizing rings first to be certain, enjoy the process of selecting your ideal size, and tap the order button! You can gander at pictures and read reviews all you want, but until you hold a King Ring in your hand and enjoy the weighty grip on your person, you’re only daydreaming.

    I love my Tempest as a beautiful, shiny, frame for my cock and balls, and the feeling and function are as good as it looks. The achromatic glans ring is not only a handsome visual accent to the package but gives fantastic meaty, weighty, tug and motion sensations. Worn singly or as a pair, they are top notch works of art — perhaps we should call them “performance art.” Sounds like winners to me! Great Scott! They’re great, Scott!

  8. Abram C (verified owner)

    Comfortable and reasonably heavy. Like everything made here, finished with high quality. Will purchase more in the future.

  9. P. (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Achromatic glans ring for daily wear, and it far exceeded my expectations. The design, finish, weight, fit, and comfort are exceptional, and the customer service has been outstanding. I would highly recommend the sizing rings and more importantly, the advice shared by many to take time with size selection, what I thought to be the correct size initially changed a couple of times before placing my order and the resulting fit is perfect. If you’re looking for a luxury glans ring, King Ring is truly best-in-class!

  10. RS (verified owner)

    I am now the proud owner of a rose gold glans ring that has exceeded my expectations in itself as well as in its presentation. For example, the included pouch is a nice touch. The ring feels fantastic even in one’s hands, and when worn the weight feels just amazing. It’s actually kind of addictive but in a wonderful way.

    Like others here I would definitely recommend investing in the sizing rings if you are not fully confident which size will be right for you. I am glad that I followed that recommendation, so I’m repeating it here myself. Also, they can be fun on their own and may serve you in various manners in the future.

    On the logistical side of things, I appreciate that tracking information was provided promptly and that shipping was swift as well. The purchasing experience went uncommonly smoothly for me from end to end on both of my orders, and I will not hesitate to order again. In fact, I am certain that I will be a returning customer in the near future.

  11. Michael B (verified owner)

    I came across these specific rings after I bought a different brand that had a little weight to it. I have had my ocean for about a week now and I have loved every second of it. When it arrived I knew exactly what it was and thought to myself damn this box is heavy. It was packaged very nicely. The weight is perfect has a great tug while I walking around. When playing with the wife she loves it during penetration. She says she is definitely a fan. Would recommend to anyone to go ahead and get one. I already have a friend looking into it.

  12. Todd C. (verified owner)

    I have purchased the 32mm Rose Gold glans ring. Have had it for just over a month now. I am so impressed with the quality AND the weight! The photos on the site do not do the Rose Gold ring justice at all. I wear it daily and it is such a pleasure to wear. I actually returned to the house one day to retrieve it after forgetting to put it on. Now it’s on upon completion of a morning shower. My “hang” as well as confidence is improved when wearing it! Can’t get over how much I enjoy the weight! Thank You King Rings for a product that is high quality and pleasurable!

  13. Matthew M (verified owner)

    After receiving a free upgrade to Priority Mail shipping, my Midnight Glans Ring (to go with my new Island Wood) arrived very quickly. It is a gorgeous black ring, with a wonderful feel. I am sure my partner will love it, although we have to wait a few weeks to try it out, as she is not child-free until that time. She does not know I got this Midnight Glans Ring to go with my first King Ring, the Island Wood she picked out for my first King Ring! She has absolutely loved the sizing cock and glans rings, and I think she will be over the moon with the real things. I love wearing this jewelry for her, and it has helped with our joy, our expression, our frivolity, my confidence, and also adding to the feeling of girth and hardness, which we both love. The clitoris extends internally, and she has gotten tremendous pleasure from the rings. They are helping us both to have the best sex of our lives in our 40s. The other thing that is helping a great deal is that we make her pleasure and orgasms the absolute priority (at my insistence!). My orgasm is a destination that then requires a recovery period. I am finding a great deal more pleasure in the journey, which features both of us having intense, long pleasure, her having one or two full orgasms each session, and then us closing the session with my orgasm. The King Rings help me to maintain a stronger erection for longer, and also control my ejaculation better and more thoughtfully. Cock and glans rings, such as King Rings, are the ticket to paradise (as well as lots of oral foreplay for her, which is my absolute favorite…especially because this woman is gorgeous and delicious, and totally supportive of toys and jewelry and sexuality). We both feel incredibly blessed, and King Rings has played a major role in this astonishing sexual journey we are taking together as 40-something single parents. Thank you, Scott!

  14. Jay N (verified owner)

    I have a couple of Scott’s cock rings, and they’re fantastic, but I’d like to focus this review on the King glans rings. I absolutely love them, and my wife does, too! The radius cut on the ID of the ring makes them incredibly comfortable even when worn slightly tight, and they stack beautifully.

    Be sure to order the sizing rings, and hang on to your best fit and one size smaller and larger once you’ve purchased “the real thing”. They come in handy when swimming or hot tubbing and are inexpensive to replace if misplaced or lost.

    The best feature of King’s glans rings is the heft, however. They feel just right whether worn alone or as a pair (I recommend stacking very highly!). My preferred wear right now is gold behind midnight. I am white, so the midnight really pops and makes a statement, and the gold adds another layer to the visuals. The all day tug will bring a smile to your face and the look will bring a smile to your partner’s face every time. If you’ve gotten far enough to read this, then stop thinking about ordering and treat yourself. You won’t regret it!

  15. Brandon M (verified owner)

    I received my ring a few days ago. I purchased the 28mm Achromic. This ring has a good weight to it, and is beautiful and fits perfect. ( I did also purchase the Glans sizing rings before hand ). My wife loves this ring and the way that it looks on me. In all honesty this is going to be my daily ring that I wear from now on. When I am hard the ring does not cut off my circulation or cause discomfort. Yet while walking around it does not move to slide off. I think this is due to the comfort fit cut that the ring is shaped. It does not cause pain like the rings that I’ve had in the past.

  16. Neil S (verified owner)

    This is day four of wearing my new ebony glans ring and Black Rose tiny ring. First, the pictures on this site absolutely do not do the real rings any justice. The weight, look and feel far surpassed anything I was expecting. The build quality on both of these rings is what I would expect from a high-end jewelry store. The weight of the glans ring really took me by surprise, and the constant tug I get from it I have found to be quite stimulating throughout the day.

    The Black Rose tiny ring is just as superb as the glans ring. The look, feel, and weight is perfect. I really enjoy the fact that’s it’s just heavy enough to constantly let me know it’s there. And the subdued black look with just the hint of rose gold has gotten a few looks too.

    I have zero regrets about my purchase, I will be wearing both every day, and plan on purchasing a full-sized CR in the VERY near future.

  17. Jerry (verified owner)

    Have had my glans ring for a week what a wonderful sensation when you wear it. I plan on ordering a midnight one next. Excellent product.

  18. Peter A (verified owner)

    I am new to the world of metal rings on my cock and I am loving this recent discovery! I purchased a 32mm glans ring in Ocean color and I can’t believe how awesome the feeling of all that weight is for me. The finish is perfect in every way. I have worn it to work a few times now and I am finding myself swaying my hips and quietly moaning to myself when no one is around. I’m so glad I did my research and found the greatest glans rings ever made! I bought the sizing rings kit first and glad I did. I am going to order a 30 mm glans ring in Gold for when I’m in the mood for something brighter and tighter. Fellas – if you don’t have one of these in your life, you are missing out. Thanks to King Rings for their awesome products and spectacular customer service!

  19. Karl Thorkildsen (verified owner)

    Totally lives up to expectations! Serious dangleage. That’s a word right?

  20. Michael (verified owner)

    I purchased two g-rings, one for the glans and the other one a size larger for the base of my shaft. The larger ring definitely provides a stronger erection…my wife loves it!

  21. Daniel M (verified owner)

    These rings are exceptional and super high quality. The comfort and feel is mind blowing. I will definitely be a life long customer and would highly recommend this to anyone! Trust me you will love it!

  22. Michael (verified owner)

    Purchased the 30mm 14k gold and is absolutely amazing. The weight is heavy as advertised. Great ring.

  23. Robert S (verified owner)

    So, my second evening wearing my new 18k glans ring. I’m telling you right now; if you enjoy subtle teasing and stimulation to your penis and testicles (wait a minute, fuck that) if you enjoy subtle teasing and stimulation to your cock and balls, get a kingring cock ring and a glans ring. Put them on and revel in being a man! The lift and pull will be wonderful. Not sure of the correct size? Buy the sizing rings first. Do this now. You won’t be happy until you do!

  24. Peter E (verified owner)

    My Gold plated glans ring arrived quickly from USA to Australia.
    The quality, look, comfort and feel are just amazing.
    Thank you for making and delivering a superb product.

  25. K R (verified owner)

    I also recommend the sizing kit. My husband has other cheaper rings, but once we found his true size and I ordered a Midnight Glans from Kings he hasn’t looked back. Correct size makes all the difference!!! Weight is great. I also have a matching ring in Rose Gold and Black. So I will be ordering his next in Rose Gold. I know he walks with a different look in his eye these days!!! I hope you add more designs and can eventually engrave.

  26. Jessica (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband for Christmas to accompany the gold set that I had purchased for his birthday. I bought it on Friday and it arrived by Monday. I must say Scott provides excellent customer service as well as an amazing product. I was trying to wait for Christmas to give him his gift, but I just couldn’t. We are very happy with our purchase, and my husband now looks and feels like an Egyptian king. Thank you King Rings!

  27. Raymond B (verified owner)

    Do not hesitate to try this!! I received my Glans Ring in Achromatic and its awesome!

    So solid and heavy, it definitively gives me a nice stretching feeling throughout the day while flaccid. My erections are TITANIC with it on, and makes my member very sensitive and hard enough to drive nails!! My partners have all loved it so far and think it not only looks HOT but adds a another level pleasure with the additional “ridge” of the ring during penetration. It does take a little practice to get on, but it does stay on well once you get it where you like it. I wear mine right behind the glans as designed and it does not fall off!

    I have tried to move it to the base of the penis and try it there…but it became a little too constricting and uncomfortable for me, but your mileage may vary. Overall, quality is outstanding and it should last a lifetime. I’m definitely going to go for the bigger ring and see how that works out. I highly recommend the sizing rings for your first purchase and spend some time trying out a couple of the ones you think will fit comfortably.

    If you like having a WOW factor between the sheets, give this a try!! I can confirm its better than any medical/pill alternative!!

  28. Tyler (verified owner)

    Having worn other g rings, I knew I liked them but I needed more weight. Well look no further. These rings have the weight you are looking for, and they are so comfortable to wear all day long! The band is super comfortable and if you get the right size, it grips you perfectly. Like everyone else has said, get the sizing rings. If I hadn’t, I would have ordered one size too big and probably been disappointed. They pretty much pay you to get the sizing rings anyway, so it is a no brainer! My advice is if you plan to wear this all day and are between sizes, size down. Love the deep blue color of Ocean. I would say you can’t go wrong with any one of them though. Yes these are expensive. It is a luxury item. Buy it. You will not regret it!

  29. Tim (verified owner)

    As soon as I saw the Blue Horizon C-ring ring I loved it. Yes, I hesitated (for a day) but decided to go for it. It also gave me the opportunity to purchase a matching G-ring and correct a mistake I made previously with sizing one. I had ordered the sizing rings in the past and did what I thought was right BUT I did not consider the implications of the difference of material between the testers and the real deal. The sizing rings are light weight and have some texture to them. The beautiful product is heavy and smooth just as one would expect. Those differences caused slip & fall when wearing it daily. Not so terrible if you have briefs to catch it but I prefer going commando much of the time. Fear of losing it and the potential embarrassment of it rolling across the floor caused me to double up with rubber safety rings. Not only does that cause some pinching, it kinda kills the look. SO, I ordered one size smaller and fear no more. Perfect for a little heft in the bulge or swing in my swagger. I wear the pair every day… until something new from KR comes along that strikes my fancy-pants.

    PS; That new G-ring is removed BEFORE and erection takes place. Fluffed is fine but not anything more than that. The trials of a grower not a shower.

  30. Johnathan A (verified owner)

    Just received the black and blue glans rings. The blue goes with the sea dragon nicely! The black will pair nicely with the soon to get black rose.

  31. J P (verified owner)

    Product Specs & Manufacturing
    5-stars for surface smoothness and even polished finish.
    5-stars for the shape matching actual anatomy behind the glans rim. Specifically the inside of the ring is not overly convex/curved. Other glans rings I have are more curved on the inside of the ring, which causes those rings to slip off occasionally, especially when sitting in chairs.
    5-stars for minimal size to weight ratio. For its small overall volume, this tungsten ring is noticably heavier than stainless steel rings.

    Fitness for Purpose
    5-stars for staying in place. As mentioned above, this ring has the most favorable inside-the-ring shape for staying in place when used throughout the day.
    4-stars for all day use. Some other glans rings I have used include a small concave shape in the ring to be positioned at the frenelum. This facilitates allowing urine to more easily pass through the urethra where a given glans ring presses into the underside of the penis. Of course I knew this kingring was perfectly round when I purchased, but having used other rings with the concave feature, I would prefer having that concave section in the ring. But that also means there is only one “correct” position, whereas a perfectly round ring can be rotated in any position.
    2-stars for weight vs cost ratio. The size-reduction benefit of using tungsten over stainless steel is 6x the price of stainless steel. For example, a 3oz 26mm tungsten kingring here is $180 compared to a 4.2oz 26mm ss ring for $30. However, because the kingring is smaller in physical size, it does allow the foreskin to stretch around the ring if you experience turtling when sitting, whereas the bulkier ss rings do not allow this and can pop off when sitting.
    2-stars for overall weight. Ultimately, I need a much heavier ring than this one. Perhaps twice the weight or more. You can of course wear multiple rings to achieve the desired weight, but doing so adds a host of other problems, such as, pinching the skin between the rings, not allowing the foreskin to properly stretch and cover the rings when flaccid, etc.

    If kingring were to double the weight, (by increasing the volume of the metal used on this ring) this truly would be the ultimate glans ring with no equal. But for now, there is not sufficient weight for my needs.

  32. Johnathan A (verified owner)

    Definitely get the set, the hug, swing, and tug makes every day a pleasure.

  33. GG (verified owner)

    The rings King Rings produce are absolutely top shelf. I have purchased and worn glans rings in the past and none of them come anywhere near the aesthetics, comfort, and quality of this ring.

    Initially, the clean and modern design of this ring caught my attention. I challenge you to find a comparably elegant piece anywhere else. (I promise, I looked.) After further research, I was even more excited for the weight of the materials. This ring incredibly substantial, you can’t forget you’re wearing it. It’s weight provides a gentle tug and the rounded edges softly rest right where they should.

    KingRings has exceeded all of my expectations. The quality of their products is only surpassed by their customer support. From appropriate sizing tips and ordering, to general questions and shipping, Scott promptly and thoroughly provided all the answers! Thank you, Scott!

    Order the sizing kit(seriously!), take your time selecting a size(seriously!), and order a ring(super seriously!!)! You’ll wonder how you ever wore cheap, low quality rings from the adult stores.

  34. Chuck (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the Glans Ring, it’s a work of art! Thanks Scott for an outstanding product and customer service!

  35. N (verified owner)

    Greetings, I would like to thank Scott and his team for creating such a magnificent product and also for encouraging me to buy the sizing rings because it really helped me to get a better idea and understanding of how the G-ring fits.

    The size of the G-ring really matters due to the surprising weight of the material which shocked me when I first received my G-ring (Achromic); the quality of it is unreal and unlike anything else out there; it’s magical! 😀

    Please get the sizing rings if you’re really unsure. I bought the full package of the sizing rings because I will definitely be buying more range of products in future so fitting it comfortably and snug would be an amazing experience! it’s very exciting getting it on! And someone on it 😉

    Thank you all for your time in reading this review! Good Luck and Happy Fitting =D

  36. 1NicePickle (verified owner)

    Phenomenal! I was concerned about not being able to order a 25 mm ID. Which I have worn in the past for best fit from other glans rings. But the 26 mm ID was perfect and stays for all day hang. Girlfriend loves the midnight color.
    I hope you add thicker heavier options in the future. Thumbs up and would recommend.

  37. Mike (verified owner)

    Amazing piece of jewelry. This is my second glans ring and I plan to buy a couple more; stack them up! The weight is heavy and feels great walking around all day. The design is better than anything else out there! I highly recommend them but do suggest you get the sizing rings first. Size does matter with these! Haha!

  38. Dominique N (verified owner)

    Make sure you get the sizing rings set and wear for about a week before you order. The ring is well made and really nice. I have difficulty keeping it on and I got the smallest size.

  39. James B (verified owner)

    I received my Midnight version of the glans ring in the mail and almost immediately put it on. It is my 2nd glans from King Rings. I was already very happy with my 1st purchase, I just had to have another one with a different finish. This ring has a fantastic weight and comfort.

  40. Rheal J (verified owner)

    Astonishing! I first purchased the True Blue c-ring as a gift for my best friend. A couple of weeks later, I asked him if he was enjoying wearing it. He said to me, to be honest, even though i really liked the weight of it, very hot, but metal cock rings are really not my thing. He preferred wearing silicone or leather c-rings. As I was just about to ask him what will he do with it, he handed it back to me saying “Metal rings is your thing. Add this one to your newly hardware/hardcore, exquisite and valuable collection.” Well, no hesitation on my part lol. So I decided to make another set of 3 by purchasing the a g-ring and a Teeny Tiny ring! The c-ring & Teeny ring are so beautifully designed and the color is very captivating. By adding the Ocean Blue g-ring to my set, very very Classic look King Rings!! When I first wore all three rings together, WoW, the excitement rushing through my mind, my body and my soul, absolutely made my night out a “Fantasy” of pure pleasure!! A definite asset to my best assets 🙂 Oh man, the weight of having both the c- and g-ring on, damn, totally amazing to feel the heavy metal weight pulling down my cock and balls, especially wearing just a nice pair of loose shorts….you have to find that out for yourself 🙂 Absolutely a mind blowing hardware to wear! Another proud investment to add to my ever growing collection of King Rings! Thank you Scott and everyone else involve! You guys and gals rock!! 🙂 Rheal

  41. William B (verified owner)

    Granted I’ve only owned my 26m achromic glans ring for about 6 hours, but I’ve been wearing it ever since I opened the package (within the first 5 minutes), and I can already tell it’s awesome. I’ve managed to collect a few (more than necessary) glans rings over the years, but now I know my search is complete. My collection has grown over the years in search of additional weight. While I have found some stainless steel rings on the heavy side, they have come with sharp edges and a height (length?) that leaves them resembling a piece of pipe. This ring gives the weight I’ve wanted for that additional swing while providing the most comfortable experience imaginable. Now if I can just figure out what to do with the old ones. Looking forward to the 46mm True Blue member ring coming in. Based on this glans ring, I’ve got high expectations, but no doubt that you won’t disappoint. Thanks, Scott.

  42. pcharm (verified owner)

    I have read all the exuberant reviews for these rings as I tried out the sizing rings, considering my first cock and glans rings purchases. And now that I have my first glans ring, I am just as exuberant. First, thank goodness for the sizing rings. I purchased my first glans ring and it fits absolutely correct. And the feel! It is as smooth as it is heavy, and the gentle but insistent tug reminds me all day of its presence. I purchased the achromic first and it is beautiful, hefty, and most comfortable and I can’t wait to show it off. I too strongly recommend these; folks new to King Rings: these are as good as all the reviews say.

  43. Roy J (verified owner)

    Hello again! I’m finally here to join the elite side of our little group. This is my 7th review and my eighth King-Ring! I haven’t heard anyone brag about ten yet, so I’m on my way! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, 5 full C-rings and 3 glans. So I’m here to foam over just how amazing these glans rings are. Let’s start with the look. This time around I got the Midnight to match my Knight Dragon. Now look, I’m not going to make this into a Star-bellied Sneetches issue by saying that matching sets are better than just having a King-Ring, but I’ll tell you that when making the excruciating choice of which of my magnificent rings to wear each day, I lean on the ones I can match with the glans. The complete look is absolutely stellar. The feel? Stop. Glass covered silk? Liquid metal? I don’t know. I challenge you to find the proper words to describe these elegant jewelry pieces. I actually buy various sizes, to fit in different places on my member. These have elevated my erections and orgasms to levels I had previously just thought weren’t meant for me. And that’s it in a nutshell. I can’t promise that you’ll look like a million dollars and run faster, jump higher… but I can assure you that it happened to me and to lots of others whose reviews you can read here and I have come to know personally. The rings are more than Scott promises you. Period. I don’t get paid for these reviews, I just want you to experience all the wonders of these rings that I have, because it’s that life changing, and you deserve it. You do, no arguing. Want more info? Have more questions? Need to see real owners gushing about their rings? Come find us on Reddit, where we’ve gathered to share and learn and….grow. I’ll see myself out….😉

  44. John J (verified owner)

    Bought this glans to accompany the True Blue ring. What a set! Love love love the fit and feel. If you are contemplating, you’ll love it! Highly recommend.

  45. Cole (verified owner)

    This ring exceeds my expectations!

    As soon as I opened the box, I noticed the quality of the ring. It is beautiful! When I put the ring on, I immediately noticed the added weight to my penis. It looks and feels amazing! I ordered the sizing rings before and was very happy I did. I live in Singapore, and the first set of sizing rings were lost in the mail. As soon as I notified Scott, he immediately sent a replacement that arrived within days. Thank you Scott for your kind help and your most beautiful product! I can’t wait to show it off!

  46. John J (verified owner)

    2nd one of the 18k gold glans to pair with my gold champ. Ordered the correct size first and then the next size up to either (1) use it at the base of the penis while the correct sizes ring is just behind the head or (2) to stack them just behind the head for a double experience. Highly recommend these – fit and feel is awesome!

  47. Sean (verified owner)

    Once again Scott and King Rings have knocked it out of the park! I bought a glans ring in Midnight to pair with Knights Dragon. As with the Knights Dragon the glans ring fit and finish is stunning! I love the contrast of the midnight black against my skin. The weight is significant and you will not be able to forget that you are wearing it. Especially when walking, it gives a gentle hug and tug against the head and feels delicious as you walk. My glans ring arrived in the mail just as I was preparing to mow my yard and was already wearing my Knights Dragon and I decided to go ahead and put my glans ring on. All i can say is WOW! I loved the feeling of it! I’m sure my neighbors probably wondered why I had such a big smile on my face while i was mowing. LOL! I love both my Knights Dragon and now the glans ring. Some of you may be put off by the price, I was at first, but as Tom and Donna say in “Parks and Rec” -Treat Yo Self! You will be glad you did. I will most definitely be purchasing more because every time I wear them I feel like a million dollars. And the biggest and best perk- my GF loves seeing me wear them too! Scott, Bravo Zulu!

  48. John J (verified owner)

    Ordered 18k glans ring to accompany gold champ. First, Scott’s level of service and attention to detail is unmatched and appreciated. Sizing rings are critical as I would have ordered the wrong size. The beauty and heft of this glans ring is just amazing. The smooth comfort fit interior make it feel very nice when wearing. Very happy and will order more soon!

  49. James B (verified owner)

    This is the first time I have ever shopped for or purchased a glans ring and it could not have been a better experience. The piece itself is incredibly impressive just to hold and admire. Then, when you put it on, it is even better. It is deceptively heavier than it looks (which is a good thing) and gives you that very gentle tug to let you know it is there.

    I cannot stress this point enough: Get the sizing rings and take the right amount of time to know your size before making your purchase. It is well worth the investment of your time.

    Also, Scott knocked it out of the park with such amazing customer service. Read the other reviews and see that I am not alone in my appreciation for Scott’s dedication to total customer satisfaction.

  50. Joshua (verified owner)

    I loved my 18kt Gold gland ring! Only thing I would mention is I wish the “King Ring” logo was more centered, mine was crooked probably from a missprint…

  51. Roy J (verified owner)

    So this the big one for me. My two glans rings brings my collection of King-Rings to six. That’s all in about a month. Yep. They are that comfortable, that, luxurious, insanely sexy and confidence inspiring. And while I can only speak for myself, absolutely 100% elevated my already amazing sex life. Most noticeably with the glans rings. Just like the c-rings you’ll find here, they are superior and unique in every way to other “similar” products. The heft allows the blood to move more freely, giving me a better “hang” while flaccid, and I’m sure a lot of men are nodding heads when I say that’s a common “soft spot” in our egos from time to time. Using the sizing rings, I was able to find the perfect fit and am able to wear mine as often as I like, with or without erection. So for me, mine is a bit snug when fully aroused. But trust me, that’s when the magic happens. I bought the achromic, which wonderfully compliments my Sea Dragon and Thunder best, as well as an Ocean, also for the Sea Dragon but most importantly, the True Blue. That, is a pairing you’d have to see to believe, which you can, if you look😉 As always, Scott is probably one of my favorite human beings on the planet right about now, he knows no bounds when it comes to making sure every customer has the best experience, every time. He knows what he’s got, and he’s eager to help you get the same experiences that you can read in all of these reviews. You can trust me, five of them are mine.

  52. Jennifer H (verified owner)

    We purchased the midnight g-ring and it is an amazing combination with the knight dragon c-ring. When you combined them, they compliment each other and the feeling they give is like no other. We are so excited to have found something that adds amazing sensation.  We’re looking forward to adding more to our collection in the near future.  Rob and Jenn

  53. Craig R (verified owner)

    As described the weight is deceptive and has occasionally provide a rather pleasant feeling. The sizing rings helped choose the proper fit for comfort and you won’t be disappointed. I got the midnight and is much nicer than the picture could portray. Looking forward to having this for many adventures.

  54. Mike A (verified owner)

    The glans ring is absolutely amazing. Not only is it a fine piece of art, it’s also extremely comfortable. It’s unexpectedly heavy and feels great all day.

  55. Brian G (verified owner)

    Bought the 32 mm glans ring to go with the True Blue c ring and it’s a perfect match. Love wearing them together and love the gentle tug it gives. The customer service that Scott & team provides is second to none.

  56. James P (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the 26mm Midnight G-Ring to go with my Redline 50mm C-Ring. The first thing I noticed was the weight and it as a very nice pull to it. I wore it all day while working and you notice that it’s there but never for a moment was it uncomfortable. I recommend the sizing rings just to get used to how it fits and to get an idea of which size fits best. Overall I am ecstatic with my purchase and look forward to adding more styles to my collection!

  57. James N (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Glans ring for over a month and, as with the Member ring, this is a high quality piece that feels amazing to wear! The weight does give a very erotic and confident feel, even for all-day wear. I do recommend ordering the sizing rings first to find the correct fit.

    As with my previous purchase, the order followup and quick shipping was top notch! Thank you Scott!

    Looking forward to my next purchase.

  58. jacques (verified owner)

    Very nice, great quality. I’m never disapointed by King rings.

  59. Kurt B (verified owner)

    Great product and FABULOUS service all around. Great company to work with, hopefully soon be able to purchase a c-ring to match my gold glans ring for a matching pair. Thank you so much Scott and your staff for a GREAT SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!

  60. Mike (verified owner)

    I bought the midnight, the ocean, the rose gold, and the achromatic g-rings. I bought a smaller size than I normally wear because they are heavier than most g-rings. But the odd time they can still slip off when wearing all day. But it’s worth it they feel amazing.

  61. Mike (verified owner)

    I bought the midnight g ring. It looks perfect with my island wood c ring I bought before. It fits great.

  62. Dale L (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about ALL the products I’ve purchased from King Rings. The products are shear perfection. Finishes are smooth, details sharp and the weight is feeling great. My 46mm Sea Dragon ring fits perfect and looks awesome with my new silver Glans ring. Scott you have one awesome selection of products and look forward to my next purchase!

    BTW, thanks for making the purchase process so easy.

    Later for now,

  63. Mike (verified owner)

    Purchased the Midnight and absolutely love how it looks and feels. You can feel the quality, regardless of the “state you’re in” and were not talking Texas. Given the weight I highly encourage the purchase of the sizing kit. Off to acquire my second one in 14k gold. Enjoy!

  64. Chris (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I got the sizing rings beforehand or I would have ordered the wrong size. The ring fits absolutely perfect and the color is amazing!

  65. Mark (verified owner)

    I enjoy these very much. ( I bought two so far). Previous reviews have said it better than I can, but I do want to stress the weight of these glans rings. I’ve bought from other sites and none of those come close to the fine finish and weight to match these. I love the feel while walking. It makes me feel like I’m swinging and 10″ dick.

  66. Michael M (verified owner)

    Purchased the 18kt Gold. Exquisite. Ordering and utilizing the sizing rings is the only way to go and very economical. Actually I use one of the sizing rings when swimming. They actually look nice and can be easily sanded to a very fine smooth surface.

    The 18kt Gold is very tasteful and the wife loves it. Goes very nice with the Knight Dragon full size and tiny rings. Wife even has the small Knight Dragon tiny ring she wears as a thumb ring. All are extremely comfortable fit and the perfect weight. We love being able to have matching rings.

    Like everything Scott and his Team do…absolutely the finest quality and value! I could not be more pleased. Can’t wait to see what’s the next product in the works.

  67. Phil M (verified owner)

    Very unique and special ! I bought the Achromic version and I truly love it. It just feels special and unique as it frames the tip. I agree with the review above the smooth edges are much different then the sizing rings, and using a little lube to slide it on and off helps with the process. Sizing is key in the process and I am enjoying the size I ordered, but will probably order the next size down to alternate with. I do like the way that the weight of the Glans Ring adds to the Dangle aspect of it’s owner ! I like to wear it as an accessory not only during erection time, but the great aspect is you can make that decision and its all good either way. I strongly encourage all guys to try it!

  68. B D Clark (verified owner)

    Absolutely awesome! I bought the Midnight version, and I love it! It pairs well with the Knight Dragon ring I purchased earlier.

    Appearance and Quality: Exquisite! The finish is flawless. The deep, rich black color really sets this ring apart from anything else I’ve seen. It has a lot of “Wow-factor” too. Daring. Visually striking! The color should be just as durable as the finish on the full-size King Ring. It is smooth with a slight satin texture, and the Dome Cut ensures there are no sharp edges. It is SO comfortable. The profile makes this the most comfortable glans ring I have ever worn. (Yes, I have several).

    A note about sizing: If you are not sure, get the sizing rings. Proper sizing is more critical for a glans ring than for a cock ring. Since this ring fits on the shaft of the penis, proper size can make or break your experience. Too big, and it could work itself off (possibly at an embarrassing moment). Too small, and it can be painful when you get an erection.

    My Experience: As I said, this is the most comfortable glans ring I have ever worn. It has a lot of weight for its size. You will not forget you have this ring on. That weight pulls on you in a good way, especially when you are not encumbered by clothing. It really feels good. For me this is a ‘show-time’ piece rather than an all-day accessory. It is perfect for its intended purpose. It really makes a bold statement, especially when paired with the Knight Dragon ring.

    Overall: This is the epitome of luxury intimate jewelry. Supreme comfort, amazing feel, and magnificent appearance. I’m afraid I will need to get one of these in every color. It is honestly that good. There is a lot of satisfaction when you find something that is “just right”. This hits the mark. It really fits well, and the weight is very nice. Do not hesitate to try one of these!

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