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Gold Champ

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Weighty Tungsten Carbide member ring, step cut with brushed finish and plated in 18Kt Yellow Gold. Satisfyingly, 92% the weight of solid 18Kt Gold.

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18Kt Yellow Gold plated on and highly polished with brushed outer ring. Tungsten Carbide is 92% the weight of solid 18Kt Gold and our step cut rings with no inlay are our heaviest. The 54mm Gold Champ ring (11 oz / 311 g) looks and feels like it was made for a true champion. Award yourself.

Second to none, this ring’s inspiring symbol of power will draw attention and admiration. With an 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, it will also be the hardest thing she has ever discovered behind your fly.

Pairs well with cuff links, champagne, and limousines.

Product Data


Tungsten Carbide with 18k double plated Yellow Gold.


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Band Width


Band Thickness

6mm – 6.5mm (varies by size)


Yellow Gold


High polish, brushed


Step cut with comfort fit

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Sizing Guide | Fitting Guide | How To Wear | Care and Cleaning

28 reviews for Gold Champ

  1. Rafael (verified owner)

    I have had it for a week now and it’s been amazing! Shipping was really fast which was great and the quality was more than I had expected. The weight is just amazing and feels great! The look is beautiful and regal which made fun time more arousing! Just everything about this ring blew me away. I cannot stop looking at it and admiring its beauty! I had my eye on other rings but I chose this one because it is simple but eye catching. I will definitely be ordering more rings because the quality and just overall amazing experience I’ve had! Also customer service is such a personal service from the owner. 10/10! Thank you so much for this wonderful ring! Best place to get your coronation for your family jewels!

  2. RobE (verified owner)

    Astounding! King Rings never fails to impress. This is only my second ring but not the last. This ring is very comfortable and the craftsmanship is magnificent. As always, King Rings customer service is exceptional. Thank you Scott, very well done!

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    OMG!!!!! I have been waiting by the mailbox in anticipation for my new King Ring! I have the the Celtic Band, which I love by the way, and ordered my second ring the Gold Champ. All I can say is I could not wait to slip it on! It is amazing! I ordered a 2mm smaller size and the weight of the Gold Champ tugging on my boys is incredible. Do not hesitate! Get one now, you will love the feel! I wear mine throughout the day and love it. Scott is the best and his customer service is over the top. I am so happy once again. Thank you Scott for this amazing product!

  4. Zachary M (verified owner)

    My second king ring and I have to say the pictures don’t do this justice. This ring is beautiful! And HEAVY! Love the weight! Got this one a size smaller for my daily wear and because of the weight (Thanks for the help and suggestion Scott!) and it’s absolutely perfect. Will definitely be back again…. Soon! WORTH EVERY PENNY!

  5. John J (verified owner)

    If you’re on the fence: order now. I own several King Rings. While they are all great gold champ is my favorite. The heft and weight is amazing to wear. Pair it with the matching gold glans ring!

  6. Scott G. (verified owner)

    Gold Champ is my second, and definitely not my last, King Rings member ring. My first was a 50mm Father of Pearl and it exceeded my expectations in terms of design, craftsmanship, and function. It also exposed an interesting fit issue. While the fit was as expected when I was warm and quite tight when erect, the fit was loose when I was cool and flaccid. Loose enough to slip off more than once, including once in public, when I left the warmth of my vehicle for the cool outdoors. Physical work exacerbated the slipping when I was cool. When I was warm, the ring stayed in position. I attributed the issue to the mass of the ring, something that the sizing rings cannot duplicate. Since my goal was (and is) “all day” wear, a smaller ring was the answer. Oh, woe is me. I have to buy another King Ring.

    So I went back to the sizing rings. I learned that the 48mm size was, for me, a “one finger” fit with the sizing rings. Just like the 50mm was a “two finger” fit with the sizing rings. So I extrapolated that a 48mm heavy ring would be a good fit for everyday wear. So I decided to order one. The question was, “Which one?”.

    That was not an easy question to answer. While the Father of Pearl “spoke” to me for my first purchase, I was torn by the sheer variety of choices for the next. The easy ones to eliminate were those not made of tungsten carbide. I wanted mass. The next decisions were not easy; each version had something unique to recommend it. There were no bad choices. I finally decided to eliminate the choices that had inlays as they were too similar to what I had plus I wanted more weight. I then eliminated the ones that were primarily silver in color so the next one would look quite different from the “achromic” Father of Pearl. The one that fit the bill was the Gold Champ.

    I placed the order on a Sunday evening. The ring shipped that Monday and was in my hands and on my member on Wednesday. Talk about fast order fulfillment and excellent packaging. Other than coming off each evening for cleaning, the ring has been worn all day and most nights since arrival. That has been a week as of this writing. A week without slipping. It has been more than I expected in terms of both visuals and heft. It looks better in person than pictures can convey. Truly formidable when in hand and on the member. The weight is divine. The ring is finished to perfection. It is quite comfortable.

    One thing I should note is the smaller size, while perfect for all day wear, is a bit too tight for extended amorous activities with my wife. No discomfort during or after (the opposite was true), but some small signs of bruising afterwards. So the 50mm rings are for fun while the 48mm rings are for all-day usage. That recipe seems to work for us. What that means is I need to purchase more in both sizes. My wife has already decided the next one should be the Celtic Band.

    That is a bit long winded. Summary: Gold Champ is very heavy and very cool, and I intend to keep purchasing and enjoying King Rings.

  7. Jess (verified owner)

    After owning the Gold Champ for several months, it still is well worth every penny.
    If I were given the option, I’d gladly award it five galaxies instead of a mere five stars.
    Needless to say, I’m 100% satisfied with my purchase, and the customer service alone was quite the experience.

    I got this as a gift for my husband earlier this year, and not knowing much about cock rings, I went ahead and picked out what looked best.
    The Gold Champ immediately caught my eye, with its two-tone 18kt gold glory.
    It sure has a hefty weight to it, which makes it feel all the more luxurious.

    We did go through the whole measurement stuff, but due to how smooth the inside of the ring is, and combined with its sheer weight, my husband found it to be somewhat difficult to wear it all the time. Thus, we’re planning on getting a second one for regular, everyday use.
    Funny thing is, after reading a couple of these reviews, I’m seeing a lot of other folks opting for something similar.

    This ring looks marvelous from all angles, and has a glow that commands attention.
    It looks great against my husband’s tan skin, and it looks just as amazing in the shower as well.
    Above all else, it turns his cock into the incredible hulk.

    I can definitely see us owning several King Rings down the road.
    They’re quite the investment, and we’re excited for many more😻

  8. Jessica (verified owner)

    Thank you King Rings! I bought the gold set for my husband for his birthday. We both love it. Great quality, perfect weigh, and a great accent to the evening. Highly recommend.

  9. Floyd (verified owner)

    The total experience in getting my first ring was professional from the beginning. I ordered the sizers first and they arrived quickly. They were of surprising quality as well. Anyway, I sized myself over a couple days and got a size I was comfortable with. So I ordered the Gold Champ and the pouch. It also arrived quickly and was discreetly packaged. I was so excited I immediately put it on and it was perfect. The weight felt great. You could not only see the quality you could feel it. I am 100% happy with my purchase and I am sure I will be ordering more in the futures. Overall, 5 star experience.

  10. Rainer W (verified owner)

    Last week, I extended my collection of King Rings again. Beside Savage Rose, True Blue, and Woody I especially love Black Rose und Gold Champ which both are my absolute favorites. From the Gold Champ rings I do have now several sizes, so I am even able to stack them. This gave me a very new experience after wearing of cock rings since more than 30 years. Wow. Stunning. You have to try it by yourself.
    I love the weight, the quality and the craftsmanship of the rings as well as the order processing and the vey fast international shipping. Top notch. Thanks a lot Scott for offering these extraordinary “jewels for the jewels”.

  11. Mathew K (verified owner)

    1st let me say gold champ is absolutely stunning in person. Pictures really don’t do this ring justice. I’ve had mine for a few months now, and taken the time to really grow attached to this ring… if you know what I mean?? It’s heavy, Very Heavy, It’s Comfortable, Very Comfortable. Definitely do yourself a favor and start with the sizing rings. I wear the smallest size available and it’s fantastic. I will say though even the smallest size combined with the immense weight tends to slide down throughout the work day (however I work an active job that requires a multitude of physical labor, particularly occasional jogging that really tends to cause the ring to slip a bit.) Days that are school days or office days where my activity level isn’t so strenuous though it stays in place all day and feels great doing it. I love this ring! It looks and Feels great. It’s a little too heavy/not tight enough for my personal work situation and tends to slip, however it’s perfect for any other time, and this wouldn’t be an issue if i wasn’t required to run/jog for my job.

    I do wish there was a smaller size for more active days, however i could go with a lighter ring too, as gold champ is one of the heaviest. I got the smallest size and it’s a lil tight when I’m aroused, and maybe a lil loose when I’m flaccid. Scott has been very helpful, and recommended a slightly smaller ring for daily wear and slightly larger for the bedroom. Again get the sizing rings they’re great. Also the customer service is top notch! My first batch of sizing rings got lost in the mail, and Scott happily shipped a second set free of charge. Between the High Quality and Fantastic customer service king rings is more than deserving of 5 stars. Get the sizing rings, the only possibility of disappointment you may have is sizing, be patient get the right fit and you’ll love your king ring for some time. now to order my second ring which I’ve been waiting patiently to come back in stock since my first arrived! Black Rose here I come.

  12. Ralph F (verified owner)

    This is my second ring, this time the Gold Champ, and boy is it a champ! I love its heftiness which gets my adrenaline going. I went a size smaller this time, from 48mm to 46mm. The Gold Champ I wear with gym shorts, swimsuits, and other (?), generally for shorter periods of time…. hmmm. The Father of Pearl, “His Mightiness of the Seas”, I wear comfortably all day long with increased libido. Now I am trying to decide on my next ring…. decisions, decisions. Craftsmanship is top notch! As always, Scott is always very helpful and certainly gives good pointers and/or suggestions!

  13. Brian M (verified owner)

    Thank you Scott, received my second ring a little while ago and have finally started to wear and it feels great, it is incredibly comfortable and easily worn all day. This Gold Champ looks so good, and is a beautifully made piece of jewellery.
    I am very happy with my purchase and really appreciate your help in making this order.

  14. Rheal J (verified owner)

    Wow! Do I look and feel like a Champ? Damn right I do! For my third purchase , I chose the Gold Champ ringsss. A classic set of 3-rings (the c-ring, the g-ring & Teeny Tiny Ring). After putting on all 3-rings, just had to me out in the mirror and, gentleman, let me tell ya, Champ all the way man! A pure rush of confidence went through my mind, my soul and my body! The c-ring weighting a hefty 8.7 onces…well, I threw on a pair of nice loose joggers, went for a walk … damn, there’s the rush…g-ring pulling down with cock swinging away, the amazing c-ring, I could feel the heaviness encompassing my provocative package, yummyfuckenlicious! Teeny Tiny on my hand did the nonchalant grabbing, for showing of course 🙂 Absolutely a finest addition to my ever-growing King-Rings collection! Thank you Scott, a true Champ indeed!

  15. John J (verified owner)

    2nd review and 2nd gold champ. Pay close attention to the sizing rings (highly recommended). I ordered 54mm first and was a tad too large resulting in it slipping off periodically. One might be sad or disappointed that I made a poor purchase decision but not at all: now I have two of these and, guess what! You can stack them for an even more amazing experience. Highly recommend!

  16. John J (verified owner)

    Service = unmatched despite all the questions I asked Scott along the way. The gold champ was out of stock for a while and I checked the site daily until more were available. Couldn’t be happier. The fit is amazing and the beauty and quality of this ring are superb. Also, the WEIGHT! Feels great on!

  17. David G (verified owner)

    This is my fourth king ring in my collection and it’s becoming one of my favorites. The rings in my collection vary in weight, this ring is the heaviest I own which feels great when on.

    I received my order very fast. As soon as I got it, I felt like a kid on Christmas and tried it on right away. The ring as I mentioned is heavier which gives you a nice tug. I wear it commando or with boxers, since that it is heavy – it would be best to get a tighter size (with safety concerns in mind).

    The look of this ring is simple and very stylish and looks great on darker skin.

    Thank you Scott for all your help on my purchase and your great customer service.

  18. John D (verified owner)

    My second King Ring. Certainly won’t be my last one either. In a prior review, I stated that I owned a lot of rings. None of them ever quite hit the mark for me like Scott’s products. To put a finer point on it, I put on my Gold Champ, and the world changed again. The heft of this beauty just changes how you feel as a man, and when it is time to deliver it pleases both myself, and my wife. WE can’t thank Scott enough for bringing these rings to market. The Champ is currently the ring I wear most, and I never go anywhere without one on. It really is a pleasure to be part of the King-Ring family.

  19. Eric (verified owner)

    Am very happy with the Gold champ ring beautiful ring love the weight feels fantastic on am hooked on King-rings very excited to make another purchase want to have my own little collection and customer service couldn’t have been nicer with helping with sizing questions which I no I was a little high maintenance wanted to be sure with the investment and all turned out fantastic will definitely be a repeat customer Very Happy!

  20. Steven C (verified owner)

    I recently treated myself to the Gold Champ ring (46mm) and its Tiny Ring companion. Both are stunning to look at and wear. The Gold Champ sits snug and the weight of the Champ is amazing. The only way to truly appreciate it is to order one so you can feel the weight and stunning finish in your own hands. It will definitely help draw attention to eyes that look in its direction.

  21. Mike R (verified owner)

    This is my second King Ring and its even more impressive than the first one I purchased. Thank you Scott for the recommendation! Beautifully crafted and according to my wife “incredibly sexy…”. I really love the weight of it and its my go to ring on date nights. I highly recommend the Gold Champ – Thanks again King Rings!! Looking forward to bringing home a the black rose.

  22. Will A (verified owner)

    From the moment I put this ring on I’ve been in love with everything about it. The Gold Champ is sexy as hell, very stylish. I like my rings on the heavier side and this is by far the best I’ve owned; having purchased several different brands before. The weight is such that I could noticeably feel the bounce in my car while driving to work and while strutting around.

    If you’re into the heft and substance of a thick metal ring, this is the one for you. Can’t recommend the Gold Champ enough. Worth every cent.

  23. Jason V (verified owner)

    It wasn’t until I put Gold Champ on last night that I realized something… I’ve never worn a cock ring that was actually comfortable, and these King Rings are incredibly comfortable to wear. Not only does it fit perfectly, it looks magnificent on. I’ll be ordering another immediately.

  24. David T

    Extremely happy with this ring. I have owned many over the years and this is the weightiest and nicest looking of any that I have owned. You get that great feeling of heft without having to stack or use an extremely wide one. Once you are into rings, the price isn’t so bad especially given the quality. You can buy all the $50 rings you want, but I wish I had known of Kings before those purchases, I could have gotten the best right off the bat.

  25. Jake (verified owner)

    What can I say about the Gold Champ except “WOW!” It feels great on, it looks great on – hard to find a nice gold-toned cock ring, BTW – and the quality is unsurpassed!! This is my second King Ring and it definitely won’t be my last. Your customer service is outstanding as well. Thank you for creating such a wonderful quality product. If you are put off by the price let me assure you it is well worth it. If you’d spend this much or more for a ring for your finger then why would you skimp on one for your precious jewels?

  26. Victor L (verified owner)

    I have been a cockring lover and my collection has increased from stretchy cloth bulge booster, to leather, to stainless steel, and 925 silver cockrings. Just received the Gold Champ, really heavy, quickly tried it on, feels good and look really good. Makes great match with my wedding ring. Awesome. Thanks for these creations and jewels for men!! I surely will get more of these. VL

  27. Alberto (verified owner)

    I have been a cock ring lover for many years and collecting several. Some of them that I considered my favorites. Until now that I purchased the Gold Champ. Since the moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. (And in the largest size available LOL) And I can tell you I have no regrets at all. It’s very comfortable to wear, even heavy as it is. Gives me a great feeling every time I wear it. My friends that have seen me wearing it, also immediately felt in love with it. So I had to share your website with all of them. I have received great compliments because the beauty and elegance that shines at first look. Thanks for creating such beauty. Looking forward to purchasing more.

  28. Jon T (verified owner)

    This is the sexiest, heaviest cock ring we’ve owned! Loved them so much we bought a matched set! We both had to have one and the beautiful gold makes my husbands blond fur stand out!

    The thick size looks great in and out of your under gear and really pushes up both sets of our balls that tend to hang lower and get “lost” in the underwear pouch. (Will be submitting pics very soon)

    Service is amazing, fit is amazing, and the personal service from the owner is incomparable!

    Will be ordering many more!

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