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Sea Dragon

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Weighty Tungsten Carbide Member Ring, bevel cut with stainless steel Celtic Dragon inlay over deep blue carbon fiber. Highly polished to mirror shine and will stay that way forever.

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Highly polished Tungsten Carbide Member Ring, bevel cut with stainless steel Celtic Dragon inlay over deep blue carbon fiber. Summon the power of the sea and plunge to new depths.

Pairs equally well with new or old denim, beach shorts, and moonlit surf.

Product Data


Stainless Steel inlay, carbon fiber, Tungsten Carbide.


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Band Width


Band Thickness

6mm – 6.5mm (varies by size)


Deep blue, Silver color


High Polish


Bevel cut with comfort fit

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Sizing Guide | Fitting Guide | How To Wear | Care and Cleaning

38 reviews for Sea Dragon

  1. Samuel T (verified owner)

    Wow. Honestly wow, I’ve recently taken delivery of my very first Sea Dragon 50mm ring. First bought the sizing rings which are a must as its difficult to decide exactly which size you want, its also really fun as well.
    I wasn’t sure what the real thing would feel like as I’ve never owned anything like it. The quality and finish is amazing and when you put it on, the weight feels so good and so right. Thanks so much to Scott and all the team at King Rings.

  2. Kelley S (verified owner)

    My first King rings order arrived today, and I went to a coffee shop nearest my PO, and put them on. Wow!

    My first order, is an Ocean glans ring in 28mm, and a Sea Dragon member ring in 48mm. They are beautiful, and heavy – I know, we see over and over how heavy they are in the catalog. But until you are walking around with the real thing on, you really don’t know. I love the pull, and the tightness. I’m thinking this will be great for daily wear, and I have ten hours of driving tomorrow to test that, which means I’ll probably have these on for over twelve hours. Just in case, I’ll have the cases and some shea butter.

    I decided against a 24mm glans ring, after wearing it for a day, and then on a date. Too tight! In a scary, “are we needing to go to the ER way”. I thought that with the weight of the ring, I would need the extra friction of a tight fit – Nope! Called that one wrong. The 26mm and the 28mm will be my go-to sizes for a glans ring.

    Undecided if I’d be wearing a 46mm or a 48mm more often, but I am comfortable with both, so my next decision will be the shape of the 46mm I will order. Where I need to put some thought is in the shape, ie, beveled, like my Sea Dragon, or something rounded. Any advice?

    Trust the fit rings, sizing process, and common sense!

    Thank you, Scott, and the King Rings Team and Community!

  3. ZacK (verified owner)

    I ordered the sizing rings, got them almost immediately, and found the 58 fit well, the 56 fit snug, and the 54 was almost incredible. I ordered the 54 Sea Dragon and can’t believe how hot it is. My wife is impressed, I’ve worn it over 15 hours now, and I can’t get over how it looks (she can’t either). The weight, the comfort, and the accommodation for my endowment is fantastic. So comfortably tugged is the best way I can put it. Get the sizing rings and work with them for a few days. You’ll be rewarded with the exact jewelry you seek, and the weight of the real ring is…gotta go now.

  4. John W (verified owner)

    A better fit at 52 mm . . . my other is 54, just a little slippy at times, great for edging or workouts. So that’s my night ring, my SD the day ring, working and such. For an American King!

  5. Stacey (verified owner)

    We picked the Sea Dragon – the pictures do not do it justice. We are very pleased, with the weight, fit, and quality.

    We used the sizing rings – lots of fun was had deciding best fit. 😉 End result is outstanding in practical application. I’m enjoying, so is he.

  6. G_r (verified owner)

    Great craftsmanship, nice feeling.
    After reading the comments, I took the option of ordering one size smaller than what was comfortable with the sizing ring and I do not regret it.
    With the weight the size is perfect and it’s possible to wear it for an extended period of time.

  7. PD (verified owner)

    The quality and appearance of this piece are excellent, and I really like the weight of it. The only drawback I had was figuring out the actual size I needed. I used the sizing rings and thought I had the right one chosen. The actual weight and smoothness of the ring causes it to feel a little less secure if wearing for a prolonged period. I’ll be ordering another one just a tick down in circumference for the perfect fit.

  8. Matt B (verified owner)

    This ring has some heft to it, but when it is on it feels amazing. This was my first purchased ring, I did find the heft of it made it not as great for all day wear as I sized it for comfort during performance. I also own a different ring minus 2mm and ounces which has been perfect for all day wear. Love the product and the service, hoping to own a few more of these classics as they become available.

  9. Bear84321 (verified owner)

    OMG! What more can I add? This ring is beautiful and so worth the money. I started with a sizing set and I’m glad I did. Due to the width of this ring my size was different than other ones I’ve gotten off the internet.

    I love the color contrast, blue and silver look so good against my super white complexion. I also love the weight of this ring. It is solid and polished smooth, went on like a charm.

    I ordered this just days before Christmas expecting to get it in time for the new year. I was SO surprised when I got to wear it for Christmas day. Thank you Scott for getting it in the mail so fast. For me, these are a splurge item. I’m saving for the next one and can hardly wait to order it. The only question is, which one?

    Thank you Scott for giving us guys something to make us feel like a king!

  10. Larry A (verified owner)

    Outstanding product – never fails to impress. I recently bought this ring in a second size and boy oh boy is it amazing. The right size will do wonders for your all day feelings and in flagrante experience. Keep them coming Scott!

  11. Bevon L (verified owner)

    So this review is LONG overdue. But that goes to show how much I absolutely enjoy wearing these rings in particular. Sea Dragon is my first Tungsten C-ring, and compared to all the rings in my collection at the time, this stood out immediately. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and you will absolutely feel the weight whether you hold it in your hand or wear it on your member. An absolute beauty of a ring that sits comfortably whether you wear it only for playtime or day-to-day. For added style points & a boost in swagger, pair it with the matching finger ring. It also can’t be said enough how great Scott is at communicating with his customers, it’s why they have so many returning customers, and why they made another out of me.

  12. Rob H (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase but not my last from King Rings! The product was better once it arrived than I expected; fast service as well. I very much like the weight of the ring too. You know that it is ready to show off too! Price for me was not a factor for this product. I’ve found in life you pay for quality and that is exactly what this is, a quality product. My lady was very pleased too! Keep up the great work King Rings!

  13. Rob C (verified owner)

    I purchased the Sea Dragon and it did not disappoint!!! Exceptional quality, this is a piece of jewelry and worth every penny. The weight is awesome and I have been wearing it everyday since it arrived. I will be ordering more rings in the future. I have numerous cock rings and none of them even come close to the quality of my King Ring. If you are even considering spending the money on one of these then do it, you owe it to yourself!

  14. Greg T (verified owner)

    I agonized for a long time over spending this much on a ring only my wife and I would see. But I am glad I did. The ring itself is better looking than the pictures can show. As the website warns it feels so much heavier than it looks. The comfort cut is just that, comfortable. Like so many other reviewers, I highly recommend the sizing rings. I went back and forth for weeks on finding the perfect size, tried various “activities” with the sizing rings, until I found the one that gave me the most benefits and comfort. Also I’ll echo that Mr. King’s customer service is second to none. He is selling luxury item, and he treats his customer base with that in mind.

    On this specific ring, the blue carbon fiber changes shades in different lights, a gorgeous effect. The dragon inlay is large and clear. It is quite handsome. Glad that I chose this for my first ring. I suspect I may get another in the future.

  15. Johnathan A (verified owner)

    Very surprised of the weight! The ring is amazing, very comfortable and the tug is wonderful.

  16. Daniel C (verified owner)

    I’m gonna keep this review short for those of you who just want to get a quick run down.

    Size: Definitely get the sizing rings first to determine the proper fit for you. You’ll feel a lot more confident in making the purchase of the actual metal ring.

    Design: The Sea Dragon ring itself is aesthetically pleasing in-person. The grooves and design is underneath so you don’t need to worry about getting anything caught in it or damaging it in anyway.

    Feel: Smooth and hefty.

    Overall I feel that the ring is far superior to any metal ring I previously owned. If you’re sitting on the fence about it I’d say definitely get it 100%. Treat yourself like king.

  17. Tom (verified owner)

    The Sea Dragon is amazing! I’ve only worn silicone rings before purchasing this, so I was very concerned with getting the fit right. I got the sizing rings to make sure I didn’t make a mistake. To me that’s a no brainer – I got a coupon that covered their cost and then some, and I was able to get the exact right size to fit me. FYI when I did the string test, I was way off from what I ended up getting.

    Shipping was very fast, the order was processed and I had my ring before the estimated delivery date – super happy with the whole process!

    I find I can wear the Sea Dragon indefinitely. It produces a nice feeling when wearing it ‘normally’. Wearing it around my workshop doesn’t interfere with my work, but I can certainly tell it’s there. There is a very pleasant weight to my package when the Sea Dragon is equipped. When it’s time for action, the fit of the metal ring really comes into its own. With silicone rings, I find after 20 min or so I’ve got to take them off.

    Not so with the Sea Dragon. I can edge for hours with my King Ring on. My wife loves it, I love it, I will certianly be looking to get another King Ring soon. If you are thinking about getting one, do it, you will not have any regrets. As to the extra cost compared to some other metal rings, this is top quality. The craftsmanship is second to none, and fellas, come on, we all know our cocks are worth it 🙂

  18. Jonathan S (verified owner)

    This is my first ring and I am beyond impressed. (as is my Wife!)
    So glad that I got the sizing rings first and went through the process of trying each one out and consecutively working my way down to the correct fit. The advice to “find the one that is too small” really rang true. I found myself thinking “this is the one” and then realized I could go down a size more than once. As everyone else has previously stated, it is impossible to tell how impressive these things are until you hold it in your hands (and wear it). They are massive, heavy and beautifully made, the detail is incredible. I will undoubtedly be purchasing another one down the road I am sure.
    Beyond all of that I have to say.. Incredible customer service experience. Received personal correspondence from Scott all through the process. You can tell he really cares and takes a lot of pride in this company.
    Top notch all the way!

  19. Daniel D (verified owner)

    Sea Dragon is my first ring. The pictures definitely do not give it justice. It is better than I could imagine. The craftsmanship is beyond superb. The weight of the ring is just right. I have other rings but this is now my favorite. So glad that I decided to purchase one and it will definitely not be my last. Cannot wait to get more.
    Also I recommend getting the sizing rings to get that perfect fit.

  20. Kevin

    Sea Dragon is my second King Ring and I am even more delighted by the quality and craftsmanship. The mirror shine of the polished Tungsten Carbide contrasts strikingly with the blue background and I love how the color changes depending on how the light strikes it. My wife loves it and says the blue background brings out the color in my eyes — though I don’t know how she would know since she is not looking at my face when I’m wearing the ring.

    My first King Ring was a Savage Rose. One of the reasons I didn’t choose the Sea Dragon first was my concern that the beveled edge would be uncomfortable for all day wear. I needn’t be concerned. The Sea Dragon is wonderful for all day wear and excels when called into action.

    I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to my next purchase — maybe matching glans rings for both of my member rings. Thanks, Scott!

  21. Larry (verified owner)

    Recently I graduated from silicone rings to metal at the advice of my urologist and during my search I came across the King Ring catalog. I own several similar finger rings and thought to myself – wouldn’t it be cool if I could wear a matching pair. So showing my wife the catalog, she picked out the Sea Dragon – I’m sure thinking that I was going for another finger ring. Boy was she surprised.

    Since the King Ring design is completely different than any other ring I’ve tried or have seen on the market, I definitely went with the sizing rings first. After following the sizing and fitment guidance, I still emailed with Scott to discuss the right size for the model I wanted especially since I wanted to wear this purchase all day and not just for intimate moments. In light of the other reviews that say to go a size smaller than usual because of the weight, I wanted professional advice, so Scott was very helpful, responding quickly to me and giving me additional sizing guidance beyond the 3-finger test. With his help, I was able to decide on exactly the right size I needed. For comparison, I’ve comfortably worn the Gear Essentials Omega 2” (50.8mm) or the Imperial 2-1/8” (54mm) all day, but both are less wide than the King Ring by 0.2″. Definitely use the sizing rings to get a good perspective on the size you really need.

    When my order arrived, I could tell before opening the box the ring was substantially heavier than any other ring I’ve tried (except the Omega). I was a bit nervous about it, but as I unwrapped the packaging I revealed an amazing work of art. The photos frankly don’t do it justice in many respects. The sheer beauty of the ring as a piece of jewelry is remarkable. The photos on the website are accurate but can’t portray the 3D aspects of the ring. Holding it in your hands and feeling it, I was first struck by the sheer size weight of it. The photos are deceptive and don’t quite reflect how big it really is. Being a 56mm diameter ring, it is by no means small. Using my lab scale, it weighed in at a massive 9.87oz (279.81g), measured a width of 0.8” (20.32mm), and a thickness of 0.25” (6.35mm). The size of this ring can’t be overstated – it’s enormous and feels solid in your hands.

    The photos also don’t fully reveal the workmanship and vibrance of the color and shine. The ring is built with the comfort fit style of a wedding ring, rounded and smooth on the interior, no sharp edges, and ergonomically accommodating to the body. The polished shine of the tungsten steel is simply gorgeous all around the ring. The Sea Dragon design is well conceived and executed above a deep navy blue carbon fiber that complements the design. Depending on how light hits the ring, the carbon fiber will look more of a dark ocean blue or a bright royal blue. The dynamic nature of the color is very reminiscent of the changing color of the ocean waters, and artistically hits all the right notes.

    Putting the ring on is straightforward enough; however, with the large width it does taking some getting used to. Tucking in and squeezing through does take a bit of effort compared to other rings. Once through and fully in place, the feeling is like no other ring I’ve tried. The snugness of the 2-finger fitment is just right to wear the ring all day yet get into action without worrying about it being too tight to perform without injury. The combination of the weight and width of the ring gives an ongoing stimulation through the day.

    Combining the look and the feel, the Sea Dragon is the complete package (to complete my package). Wearing it all day gives me ongoing erotic thoughts and feelings. The look in my wife’s eyes when she undresses me or sees me wearing it gives me a great feeling of sexual satisfaction that it excites her as much as it excites me. Now when she eyes me wearing the matching “teeny tiny” Sea Dragon finger ring, she knows that something else is in store.

    Well done King Rings! I can’t wait for my next one – maybe a Father of Pearl – if it’s ever made in a 56mm size…

  22. Peter N (verified owner)

    The Sea Dragon is an excellent cock ring as well as a beautiful piece of jewelry.

    As a cock ring, it does its job very well, due to its extra weight and the rounded inside – really comfortable and effective.
    As a piece of jewelry, it shows great craftsmanship and taste. It makes you feel beautiful, both when you wear it under your clothes all day and when you share the sight with others.

    Not only Scott’s products are excellent, so is his customer care. There was an issue with shipping which is solved in a very generous way.

    Keep up the good work!

  23. Dillon (verified owner)

    The time and craftsmanship that was put into this ring is very apparent right out of the box! Very attractive eye catching mirror finish and very smooth when putting it on. The weight is great and it almost gives you an extra stride of confidence while wearing it! Very happy and looking forward to purchasing more King Rings in the future!

  24. friedmhj (verified owner)

    Beautiful! I have several other rings but this, Seadragon King Ring, is so superior my others seem like toys now. I have worn it non stop for weeks and it still provided total comfort and some surprising sensations. Also, it’s eye candy for my wife while we are lounging in bed. When she sees it, she can’t resist giving it a yank or two, while commenting on its weight and beauty.

    I’m very happy with my purchase. I figure, due to it’s rugged materials and workmanship, this ring it will look about the same 20 years from now. That’s a lot of enjoyment and not a bad investment.

  25. Kelly (verified owner)

    It’s a beautiful piece of artwork! Hands down. It has a good weight and feels great on!! Craftsmanship is outstanding. It will be put to good use. Thanks again for my Sea Dragon 🐉 ring.

  26. Robert H (verified owner)

    The Sea Dragon is an absolutely marvelous piece of jewelry. I call it jewelry because it’s a very high quality luxury item. For years I’ve used plastic, rubber, elastic, silicone, and even hair bands as rings. Most were only comfortable for a short time. I finally decided to treat myself to a premium product. I looked at stainless steel rings but none had the weight I was looking for. You can feel this ring on you…not too heavy mind you…but just right. The sizing rings made selecting the right size easy. Judging from the quality, this will last a lifetime. Great product and very happy with my purchase.

  27. Roy J

    My Sea Dragon is absolutely exquisite, and stands far above my impressive collection of, ahem… “accocktrement.” I knew it would be great, but nothing could prepare me for how stunning it really is. Worried that all that shine and gleam is Photoshop? It’s not. Not convinced the level of comfort is that much greater? Allow me. I’ve tried them all, and I love my collection, but this is so beyond. So here I am, leaving this review, sad that 5 stars is as high as I can go. Because not only do you deserve to know how close you are to the most amazing, beautiful, beneficial, and dead sexy ring, not solely should you be aware of how astoundingly helpful and personal Scott was with my wife and I this whole time, but you could benefit from the knowledge that they give back to us, the customers. Yes, I got the sizing rings, allowing me to find a perfect fit with no fear. And yes, they applied that against the cost of my Sea Dragon. And I’m ready for the next one. Scott, you’ve got a loyal customer for life. You guys let me know if you want the whole six pages I’m ready to write about these rings. That. Impressive.

  28. Sean Moore (verified owner)

    So I received my sea dragon. All I can say is just wow. The weight an style of this ring is immaculate. By far the best 300 I spent well worth it. Now excuse me while I go walk around like a king.

  29. The Canadian Hunk (verified owner)

    Wow is all I can say.

    Have been wearing cockrings for a few years but nothing is like a king ring. The design, weight, look and all around feel is sexy, arousing and great all day long. I struggle to take this ring off I just want to be in it all the time.

    Looks great all day and the erection and orgasm in it is explosive. If you don’t have a king ring making love with your cock yet you are missing out.

  30. Shizukas (verified owner)

    I ordered the sizing rings first and I am very glad that I did as they helped me get a better judge of what size I needed to order. This is my first ever C-ring and was a bit on the hesitant side before ordering something so pricy. With the sizing rings I discovered that I needed a different size than what I originally thought with using the described method of self-sizing.

    I was home the day it arrived and I was checking the tracking number and when it came in I thought I heard a knock at my door and went down a couple minutes later (It was my mail person as I thought it might have been with the time), and talked to him and got the package. He commented on the weight of it and I said it was something I was looking forward to getting. Got inside and wasted next to no time at all and put it on.

    I’ve had it for several weeks now and was just getting a better feel for how to write my review. I love the ring and am very pleased with the product and the customer service I’ve received from Scott. I’ve slept with it on and showered with it on, never once did I find it to be uncomfortable. The weight is like a gentle reminder all day that I’ve got something going on under my clothes. I am definitely interested in trying a g-ring next and am sure that the quality will be just as high as this beautiful c-ring.

  31. Stephen P (verified owner)

    My first c-ring from King-Rings was Thunder and I thought that was heavy and a nice piece of jewelry. Boy or boy, I’m even happier with the Sea Dragon. The art work is second to none and it is about 4oz heavier. You wouldn’t think that would be a big difference, but you’ll be able to feel the difference. Picking up the box out of the mailbox I could tell this was heavy and special. I wasn’t wrong! It’s a tough call to see which one I’ll put on in the morning.

    Because it’s just, or more valuable than the product itself you have to mention Scotts’ devotion to customer service. You read it in every review where he is available for your questions or concerns and always provides solid information. You don’t get this kind of service from buying at Amazon or from overseas companies!

    If you’re reading reviews and wondering if the price point is worth it, I’m telling you from several years of wearing a c-ring “IT IS WORTH IT!.” (and I’m very frugal)

  32. dunncl66 (verified owner)

    This one was my fourth ring and it is great just like the rest. Quality and appearance are top notch. The customer service is second to none. Scott has a wonderful product and genuinely cares about the users. Fast shipping and amazing communication throughout the process. I recommend these products to any one who might be interested. Get one, you won’t be disappointed.

  33. VegasJoe

    Beautiful and very well made. One thing I’d like to mention, is that the 2 finger test probably works well for most, but I up sized 2 mm because my fingers are large, and probably threw off my measurement somewhat. I ordered a 52 mm, and probably should have ordered the 50 mm. I thought because of the width of the band, I’d need to go up a size. (I based this on my old stainless steel ring which is 50 mm).

    Recommend highly, it is a very luxurious product, that I wear all day… and is never uncomfortable.

  34. Konrad F (verified owner)

    Fantastic ring! Very sophisticated design and rich looking. I have quite a few of your rings and they’re all very well made and eye-catching. This one is no exception. I got the matching teeny tiny ring as well. Nice to have the set. Thanks for your rings – looking forward to getting the next one.

  35. Wilson (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE this ring! It just arrived and I was so excited! The color inlay is gorgeous, and the weight of the ring gives a wonderful, continuous pull. This is my second ring from King Rings, and the quality continues to blow me away. Great customer service and a king among rings.

  36. David G (verified owner)

    1. Fast delivery and great customer service. Thank you Scott.
    2. LOVE IT!!!
    3. Beautiful ring.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I received my ring, the first thing I noticed was the weight of it, as I opened the box – the ring is beautiful, it is a work of art. The details and craftsmanship are superb.

    I been wearing C-rings for 25 years and I have a small collection. When I can across King rings, I was intrigued but the price held me back. I wish I should’ve got one sooner, in my opinion – they are worth the price. It’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and I feel I’m definitely worth a little indulgence.

    I’m glad I got the sizing rings first, they help a lot in the decision process but the review from Daniel R. Above helped more. The 50mm is my Goldilocks area but I like my c-rings a little tighter. I’m glad I got the smaller size, it fits my needs and the weight of the ring gives it a nice tug.

    I know the price can be a bit high for a c-ring, but you deserve the best and nice piece of jewelry for the family jewels are worth it.

    I’m starting my new collection with King Rings. Can’t wait to get my next one…

  37. Beau C (verified owner)

    When I opened the box I could definitely see the true craftsmanship of this ring. I have owned many cock rings before in the past and this is an exceptional one indeed and by far the most expensive one I have purchased ever. I ordered a 46 mm ring and it came in at 1.815 inches in diameter and it weighs in at 8.3 ounces. This ring will never ever scratch because of the materials used to making this product the deep blue band that runs down the middle is beautiful with the Dragon inscriptions.
    The weight is perfect for me and won’t slide off during the day. It will all give me the hard on I’m looking for because I sized down to 1.8 from 2.0” diameter as well.

    But workmanship and Quality are what Kings Rings are all about. They manufacture some of the best quality cock rings out there. They are unbelievably beautiful, heavy, collectible, something to wear 24 hours a day.

    Working with Scott is a pleasure, as he time to answer any and all of your questions about your Kings-Rings

  38. Daniel R (verified owner)

    Wow! An amazing ring without a doubt. This fine piece of craftsmanship is exactly what you need to really augment your member. As an owner of MANY rings (maybe 115ish?), this gorgeous ring stands out in my collection.

    The material is a lustrous silver/gray – it carries the unmistakable imagery of jewelery-quality metals. This just IS NOT the same metal as your typical stainless ring. It’s rich, deep, and masculine while still maintaining shine and sheen. The bevel is perfectly cut all the way around and the raidiused inside is flawlessly executed for ideal comfort. The inlaid dragon is a bright silver set atop a beautiful blue carbon fiber material and layered below a crystal clear resin. I am unable to tell where the resin stops and the metal begins, such is the professionalism of the craftsmanship! This color combination is STELLAR when sunlight catches the ring!

    As a ring connoisseur of sorts, I know my sizes. I am a comfortable 1.875″. When I want to throb, 1.75″ is the go to and 2″ is for all day and night comfort. This is the type of ring I would want in 2″, but knowing the weight of these pieces of jewelery, I ordered a size down. This was a good call because such weight will cause the ring to work its way south as the day wears on. I experienced this and, at a very inopportune time, even had it work its way off. Definitely be sure to go a size down.

    I ordered the 46mm ring. It came in at 1.815″ in diameter with .25″ wall thickness and .7925″ wall height. This big boy clocks in at 8.3oz. The site is absolutely correct: the density of this ring makes it deceptively heavy for its size.

    Speaking honestly, at first I was very hesitant to purchase a ring at this price point. The quality is obviously there, but I’ve never gone above the $75 price range. However, these are VERY cool rings and it drew my attention enough to email and say “How the heck have I not found these before?!?” I received a response from Mr. King right away and we exchanged messages for a bit. This attention to his clientele didn’t stop after the sale, either. The carrier delivered my package to the wrong place and Mr. King kept in constant touch as we tried to figure out next steps. Eventually, and without prompt, he sent a second ring to be sure the Kings Ring experience was not tainted by a foolish post office! Luckily the original was dropped off by a neighbor, so the second is on its way home.

    Amazing design, terrific quality, and customer service done right. The “add to cart” button is right there… time to click it.

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