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Feel the power! Highly crafted Stainless (and flawless) Steel member ring with brick pattern cut. Center bricks are brushed and the rest of the ring has a mirror polish. Rose style is 14kt Rose Gold plated which is achieved by blending copper into the alloy.

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Stainless Steel has never looked so good or performed so well. More than just flashy, Thunder delivers real power. The band is 20mm wide, 7.2mm thick, and weight ranges from 5.5 – 6.7 ounces. Rose style is 14kt Rose Gold plated.

Inside ring surface is comfort fit (as are all our rings), edges are rounded for ideal long term wear, and each ring is laser engraved with our very bold logo.

Pairs equally well with your best jeans, a favorite motorcycle jacket, or those chains you keep in your sex dungeon. It will also keep you hard a a brick.


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Stainless Steel


Achromic, 14kt Rose Gold plated


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Polished Steel


Mirror polish, brushed brick pattern


Brick Pattern

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43 reviews for Thunder

  1. Brent (verified owner)

    This is absolutely the best ring I have ever purchased! It’s my first of many King Rings to come and the only ring I’ve been able to wear throughout the day and it was so comfortable that I forgot I had it on at one point. The weight was a great added touch when I first opened the package and putting it on for the first time had me all smiles.

  2. Rich S (verified owner)

    Wow what a beautiful piece of art! I have a couple of other rings but Thunder is by far gorgeous. I wear it day in and day out and sleep with it. I rarely take it off except for a quick shine. The cuts are great, the material superb and weight is perfect. It is a bit wide but once I’m in action it’s perfect. Thanks for creating such a beautiful piece of jewelry.

  3. Brad H (verified owner)

    I recently purchased my third King Ring, an achromatic Thunder, and quite like it. The weight is about 6oz and significantly lighter compared to my other two (Spectra and Father of Pearl). Overall I find the weight just about perfect and very comfortable for longer term wear.

    The offset smooth and brushed sections definitely add to the visual appeal of the ring. It is simple but yet elegant. Not that I dislike my other two rings, but the End result I am very happy with my purchase — It adds a different look and weight than I had in my collection previously.

  4. Paul R (verified owner)

    Love the new ring, looks great, makes me feel like a King. A true Rolls Royce product. If you are in the UK it’s worth paying for the courier service.

  5. Myron (verified owner)

    Ok, so I already have this one in Rose Gold and I was waiting on the chromatic one to hit the site in a 50mm. As I can wear both a 50 and a 48 I decided that I should wait no longer and go for the 48. Double checked with the set of sizing rings I ordered previously and we are a go! 3 days later here it is!! Everything looks amazing and the pictures don’t do justice. I already have a coordinating glans ring so I wore that with it. We love it!! Fit is excellent, weight is great and I wore if for 3 days with no problem. Just removed when in the shower and back on it went. Glad I made the purchase and I would make a few suggestions: it would have been a faster purchase for me had this come with a glans ring in the same cut and I noticed that 26mm seems to be the jump off size. What happens with guys that would wear a 25mm and don’t want to or cannot wear a bumper? Design should meet design!

  6. Greg G (verified owner)

    I purchased my 50mm Thunder ring in Achromatic and as mentioned prior the photos do not the rings justice. The attention to detail is by far like no other I have seen or experienced and I purchased a lot of different rings over the years. The weight tugging on you feels absolutely amazing. I wear mine all day and I feel like a knight with sword and shield lol. Definitely do not hesitate if your thinking about. I purchased mine a few weeks ago and I am already eyeing another.

  7. Myron (verified owner)

    I had been looking at these two rings for about a year or more and finally decided to get one for my 57th Birthday. Looking at the photos made me want it, but when I pulled the trigger and purchased it, I felt odd with spending that much on one item. Within 2 days or so, I was notified that a package was delivered at home. 3 of them actually! There it was, I a priority box and I had to rip it open. Oh My GOD!!! It was heavy and gorgeous!!!! I had to take it around and show some people immediately, everyone loves it! The look of it, the feel of it! The way the light dances off of it, the heft of it and especially the way the color accentuated darker skin tones! I love it and I am waiting on the achromatic one to appear so I can buy that too!

  8. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my Thunder ring! King Rings were my first first into solid band rings after about a decade with the elastics. Those sizing rings were a life changer.

    I love the weight and beauty of my carbide ring. The simple metallic shine is nice. I almost wish it was chrome plated lol. I’m definitely going to add to my collection thanks to Scott’s incredibly customer service and King Rings’ excellent products & community.

    Thunder will probably be one of my favorites for a long time. It’s extra rounded on the face vs my carbide ring so it’s extra comfortable in all positions and movements. Also, the slight weight reduction seems to be better suited for all day wear. I do wear my carbide ring all day too, but it sometimes puts pressure on my pubis if it gets slightly out of position.l which requires adjusting. Thunder goes on in the morning, and I never have issues until it comes off at night. Even fell asleep with it in on once accidentally, and since it’s sized correctly I had zero issues in the morning.

    Ultimately, when I feel and see myself wearing these rings. I do feel like a king. That’s for sure.

  9. Rhonda (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband as a Valentine’s Day gift and he loved it. The quality is top of the line and the design is beautiful. Highly recommend, I will be buying more!

  10. Matt (verified owner)

    And of course this is another 5 star review.
    I’ve had my thunder in rose gold for 4 months now. I wanted to do more of a long term review. This is my 3rd ring from Scott. The finish of this ring and my other two is still as breathtakingly beautiful as it was when I received them (first one being a year ago) and as someone allergic to nickel (often found in cheap jewelry) thunder has given me no issues whatsoever. Same goes for my Celtic and island wood rings. Everything Scott sells is Top quality!

    I must say my favourite thing about thunder is the shape inside the ring. It has a much more rounded shape inside compared to my other two tungsten rings and I must say I absolutely adore that cut.

    As always and like everyone says. Scott does provide THE best customer service I’ve ever experienced.

  11. Aaron (verified owner)

    I love love love the Thunder. What else can I add to the the review that others hadn’t mention but you need to be aware of the size of this ring. I was blown away by how big and heavy this ring is which is a great thing! I wasn’t expecting it to be so wide and heavy but please be aware of the dimensions.
    The weight is 5-7 ounces so take that into consideration and may want to order a size smaller if wearing all day.

    I previously bought the 18k yellow gring and love it but will be purchasing the 14k rose gold head ring to match!

  12. Jacob D (verified owner)

    Hard to say anything in these reviews that hasn’t been said. I now have 4 rings total of 3 different types from King Rings and love the quality of all four of them. This stainless steel Thunder being my most recent purchase it is one of my new favorites for wearing throughout the day casually. I started with the tungsten Celtic Band and finger ring to match which is a great ring also but is definitely heavier than the stainless steel. Different ring types and even different sizes tend to be good for their own purposes depending on the day. The rose gold looks awesome, love the design on the outside, and every ring of course has the ultra smooth inside that makes wearing them so comfortable. I know I want a matching glans ring now and honestly I think I want the Achromatic version too eventually. After starting out with all variety cheapo rings and then taking the leap on these all I can say is it was well worth it. Exceptional company, exceptional product and I plan to order more rings for sure. Also the leather pouches are 100% worth adding on to every order to make sure your King Rings stay protected and pristine. Enjoy those rings kings.

  13. Jim K. (verified owner)

    What can I really add here in all of these “5-STAR” reviews that has not been stated already? Probably nothing other than to be adding another “5-STAR”s on top of the total experience of this transaction. I too started my “KING RINGS” experience with the sizing rings, which takes the guess work out of the fitment question. Then the color, style, and material decision needed to be made, which is probably the hardest part of the whole process to come up with. When I was notified via email that Scott was offering these 2 stainless steel rings in such a bold masculine style and 2 different color choices at a reduced price, I knew right then that I had to posses both. I’m very satisfied with my decision to purchase both the Achromic and Rose Gold plated rings. I would strongly suggest that if someone is questioning the price or the quality of these rings, then please read all of these reviews here. The statement that “you get what you pay for” truly applies here. Scott King and his products are truly top notch. If you have tried some of the novelty rings and are now ready to experience the best for your manhood and jewels then you owe it to yourself to put a KING ring on it. I’m looking forward to sporting these with or without my attire and driving the women I go with crazy.

  14. Lane M (verified owner)

    All that can be said is WOW!! The finish on the 14kt rose gold ring is beyond perfection. I only have a couple King Rings but my collection is bound to keep growing. I guess that I have more than 100 rings of different materials and configurations. The big difference with King Rings is the unequaled quality and craftsmanship! I’m American Indian so my skin tone is a little dark and this ring looks fantastic. I just received it earlier today. It went from the box and luxurious pouch right onto my junk and hasn’t come off yet. It will remain on until bedtime without a doubt and be the first thing back on after my morning shower. I can’t get over the faceted surface and how it sparkles in the light. The pictures truly pale in comparison to what you’ll receive in the mail. I really appreciate Scott and his team and their commitment to quality and customer service. My next purchase is going to be a glans ring. I have many of these as well but can’t wait to be swinging King rings at the base and the head!

  15. John H. (verified owner)

    What more can I add to the multitude of 5 star ratings for these rings? Not much, but at the expense of being repetitive, I will.

    Let me tell you that I am relatively new to wearing a cock ring. I ordered the sizing rings over 2 years ago, wore them for a few months just to make sure that I really wanted to wear a ring at all, plus determine the correct size. At that point Scott, in his communications with me, said something to the effect of, “John, you’re going to absolutely love where this initial purchase takes you.” He wasn’t kidding.

    From there I bought the True Blue as my first “real” ring and have had it for a couple of years. There is nothing like having a beautiful ring cresting my manhood. I have absolutely loved wearing it all day. One might question how many cock rings a man needs, but for this man, it was more than one. Mind you, I am a pretty simple guy and am not into “stuff”; my wife and I don’t spend a lot of money on things. However, when I looked through the offerings that King Rings has, I knew that I wanted another. My first choice was Red Line, which was retired some time ago. Second was Black Rose, which has been backordered. I “settled” on the Gold Thunder, one of KR’s stainless rings, and have had it for 2 weeks now. When it arrived, my wife asked what was in the box. I told her I splurged and bought another ring. I explained that unless you are a man, you have no idea how great these things are to wear.

    Saying that this is a fantastic ring is an understatement. As has been said by so many other customers, the pictures on the website don’t do these rings justice. This thing, held in my hand, is stunning. Beautiful. Masculine. Perfect with its machining, cuts and polishing. Substantial with its weight, and definitely a work of art. The fit is like that of my True Blue-unreal in its grip, cradling, tugging of my package. Walking around with it gives an impressive feel as it gently pulls on the twins and as they rub on my inner legs. Every time I unzip my pants to tap the bladder or shower, I am in awe of the impressive workmanship of this piece of fine piece of jewelry.

    Some men need a cup of coffee in the morning to get going. Not me; my startup is putting on one of these rings over my package, and I am ready to go. Just feeling that grip on the boys and their big brother after sleeping without it starts my day off right. I wear briefs, and although in cold weather, sitting or stooping for a long time allows for potential slippage, my ring(s) stay with me for the day, and I just love wearing it.

    If you are contemplating such a purchase, you need to turn that contemplation into action and get the sizing rings. New to rings? Wear the plastic of your choice/size for a while to get the feel. But know that once the SS or Tungsten arrives and is on, the pleasure level and satisfaction go through the roof.

    As always, Scott’s customer service, attention to detail, and his packing of the product are superior. His website is not sleazy, but very professional, and I appreciate that. As you read through the testimonials of these c-rings, take note of how many men are on their second, third, fourth rings (or even more) rings, or the number of men, who after their first purchase, are planning on another. This is significant and tells of the quality and satisfaction of the King Ring wearer.

  16. Ben (verified owner)

    Well, it’s time to review my 3rd Member Ring, whilst wearing it. This Rose Gold Thunder ring is absolutely gorgeous.

    To be honest, I’ve not ever bothered buying stainless steel rings before as they simply weren’t up to my standard – until I came across Scott and King-rings, where everything changed. This is my first Stainless Steel ring, and by far one of the best out there, hands down!

    I really love the design of this ring. It’s somewhere between brutally masculine and refined gentleman.
    This ring is noticeably thicker than some of the tungsten styles in this catalogue. Super comfy to wear all day.

    Even though the Stainless steel is noticeably lighter, it is still a very hefty weighted ring, without being too heavy for some of you guys who might feel that the tungsten ones are uncomfortably heavy…although the weight of the tungsten is amazing as far as I’m concerned, but perhaps too heavy for certain activities, particularly if it’s prone to slippage. This one won’t slip as much, unless you’re super sweaty on a hot day, it should stay in place…mostly.

    I love the combination of the high polished gloss finish, with the matted finish brick contrast on the internal band. This combined with the grooves in the brick surface helps catch the light, and illuminates this band beautifully, and more importantly, your package as well.

    Some of us may have been hesitant before ordering this ring, but you can certainly put your mind at ease when ordering Thunder Rose because you will not regret it, trust me. It fits right at home along side my Father of Pearl set…. and now I’m already waiting for my Gold Champ to arrive in the mail!!

    I’m looking forward to future orders.
    Thanks again, Scott!!! 10/10

  17. Steve B. (verified owner)

    Thunder is my second king ring and it is just as impressive! I like this ring more for daily wear especially for work. It does not slip as much while involved in rigorous activities due to being less weight as compared to the tungsten in the other rings. Beautiful craftsmanship, second to none! An absolute must have for anyone to add in their collection!

  18. Shawn W. (verified owner)

    First and foremost, I just wanna say thanks to Scott for exceptional customer service. Every company on this planet should model their customer service after him. He took the time to make sure that I knew what I was doing and that I was picking the right size. All I can say is that he’s an awesome dude.

    As far as the ring that I purchased…WOW. The pictures on the website just can’t do it justice. This is literally so much more than just a c-ring. This is truly a stunning piece of men’s jewelry, men’s jewelry that keeps their manhood blinged out.

    Now that I have worn my King Ring for some time, I can say that daily wear is very comfortable, for the most part. Riding in the car can sometimes be a little uncomfortable, but all in all, the feel of it is quite pleasant. The weight of it gives a very nice sensation that you feel all day. Now granted, I only have the Thunder Rose, which isn’t as heavy as the rings that are made from tungsten carbide, but it still feels very nice. I love the fact that when I go to the bathroom and look down, my King Ring makes my package look like a million bucks.

    In conclusion, I’m having a blast wearing my King Ring because it makes me feel manly, looks nice, and feels good. I can’t wait to purchase my next King Ring.

    PS: It would be really cool if King Rings came out with a line of rings that were just as exquisite as the originals, but half the thickness. I wonder what they would look like. Men’s necklaces that match the King Rings would be awesome as well, too! Just a few thoughts.

  19. Ernesto S (verified owner)

    Ordered my fourth ring, the Thunder Rose. I am absolutely pleased with this purchase as I have been with the other three. Since I received my Thunder Rose at the end of May, I have not stopped wearing it! Thanks for the great product and great customer service.

    P.S. I also ordered the glans sizing rings and am looking forward to ordering my first glans ring. If the actual ring fits as well as the sizing ring am now wearing, I am sure that I will be pleased!

  20. Daniel R (verified owner)

    As is to be expected from King Rings, the Thunder is an impeccable example of jewelery quality, brilliant design, and eye catching good looks. This is now my sixth ring and, as mentioned in other reviews, I can certainly say that the switch from tungsten carbide to stainless steel has left nothing to be desired. The sharp design, thick heft, and many reflective facets catch lots of light – giving a dazzling presentation to your manhood.

    As a typical 7 7/8″ ring wearer, I ordered the 48mm and am delighted by the fit. This measured precisely as it should at 1.887″ inner diameter. The height of the ring is .7885″ and comes in at a .284″ thickness. While Thunder may not be tungsten carbide, this masculine ring reminds you that it’s there all day long with a gentle tug thanks to its 5.887 ounces of weight. As is common with all King Rings, the thicker walls and perfectly radiused inner profile means you can wear Thunder as long as you care to… all day, through the night, and into the next. You’ll only want to take it off to slip on one of your other King Rings!

    As a bit of an afficianado of rings (I own 172 at current count… 6 of which are King Rings), I feel the utmost confidence in saying that Scott produces the absolute FINEST stainless steel C ring you will find. Period. I’ve tried them all – from cheap Chinese garbage to custom made, bespoke designs… nothing beats the finish, design, confort, and stately looks of this gorgeous ring. I honestly had a bit of trepidation thinking that using stainless steel as a material would lead to a cheaper feel or some less-than-amazing experience. I was foolish to think this. Without question, Thunder is my favorite stainless ring in my whole collection!

  21. Jay (verified owner)

    So, this is my second review and technically my third ring (2 C-rings + 1 Finger Ring), and I am once again blown away by the quality and detail put into the production of these rings. Similar to my Knight Dragon, the Rose Gold Thunder is so much more beautiful in person than as seen in photos, and the photos on this site are very good, btw. The lighter stainless steel provides a more balanced feel while wearing it all day, and as I suspected, sizing down was good choice for the all day wear aspect as well. I will however say that with the smaller size I probably can’t go as long with it on hard as I could with a size up, but it’s not extremely uncomfortable. It comes down to preference and planning a bit ahead of time if you know what kind of day you’re going to have.

    As a side note, I did get my hands on some glans sizing rings as well, and although I’m a bit apprehensive about them, I am planning on a real one out soon, just to give it a good chance. You’ll be seeing a review for one of those coming soon. For now, I have my eyes on the True Blue, which is finally being sold in a 52mm 🙂

  22. Ken (verified owner)

    The pictures on the website can’t compare to seeing it in real life. The details and craftsmanship are superb and it’s so comfortable you’ll never want to take it off. This was my first King Ring and I’m already trying to decide which to order next. Customer service from Scott was exceptional.

  23. Bobby H (verified owner)

    This is my fourth (3 C and 1finger) ring, this time around it was the Achromic version and I think the Thunder rings are both works of art, and, as always, customer service and quality can’t be beat! I have now experienced both thunder rings and even though I like the tungsten ring that I have, I can’t help but personally prefer the stainless steel for the better fit and comfort it provides me. I hope to see an expanded line of the stainless steel material in other patterns and colors soon! That would be a guaranteed buy from me! Thanks Scott and crew!

  24. Ross M (verified owner)

    Outstanding customer service FOUR days from US to Australia. Spend quality time with a quality product. Very comfortable to wear. Cannot recommend highly enough

  25. Roy J

    I’m back to review my third King-Ring, Thunder. Fortunately, a lot has been said by these other outstanding owners and so I’ll absolutely confirm and then move on. I did not expect to love Thunder this much. Period. I knew that I was going to get Stainless that made my other stainless look cheap and rough, which it did, but to be honest I thought it looked plain in comparison to my other King-Rings. I was wrong. I’ve told everyone that pictures of these rings don’t do them justice and that’s never more true than here. The matte bricks not only provide a wonderful contrast to the dazzling mirror polish, but the bricks have an amazing burnished look that still turns in the light and reveals intricate detail that made me feel guilty for thinking it wouldn’t stand tall amongst my Sea Dragon and Knight Dragon. Finally, I would be remiss to not remark on the service we all get from Scott, I feel like this man is my friend. Seriously. He’s that invested in his products and his customers. No question unanswered, no extra step not taken. I’ve never been treated like this by a company before. I could go on, but I’ve still got to write my review for my fourth ring, a glans. Go read it!

  26. Jayson (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Thunder for a few days and have definitely not been disappointed. The weight is perfect and it feels amazing, as long as you get the sizing right. Comfortable enough for all day wear. Customer service is amazing and upgraded my shipping for free! Highly recommend!

  27. James B (verified owner)

    What a top notch experience!

    The customer service has been absolutely incredible.

    You are definitely going to be amazed when you hold this ring in your hand. Now just imagine what it is going to be like when you try it on for the first time.

    I am now a loyal customer. Without a doubt, there will be another ring purchased.

  28. Rick T (verified owner)

    Yo I just received my Thunder C-ring today, and I am very, very satisfied with it. I am glad that I did my research and waited for the right choice and making the decision to go with King rings. I will be purchasing another C-ring the True-Blue when available, but until then I will be purchasing a Glans ring from King-rings.

  29. Rhéal (verified owner)

    First and foremost, a huge THANK YOU to Scott for his outstanding customer service! I truly appreciated his honesty and the advice he provided me with to ensure my first purchase of both a c-ring and g-ring would be just the right fit for me. His recommendation to purchase the sizing rings was no doubt the best advice ever. I took the time trying on different sizes until I was certain of my choice was the right tailor-fit rings for me. As an added bonus for purchasing the sizing rings (both c and g-rings) he provides his customers with a credit x2 (for each set) towards your purchase of your king rings products!

    When I received both my rings, I was amazed to see how stunning and exquisite they looked.The design and craftsmanship is beautifully executed. His advice = They are just the right fit indeed!. Wearing a 3 oz g-ring for the very first time was totally out of this world! Feeling that weight pulling down is amazingly exciting and WoW very impressive! I have been wearing both rings every day and I never leave the house without them on! Every man should have a g-ring! They compliment your c-ring so exquisitely and most of all make you feel and look like a king!!

    I am totally pleased and proud to own and wear the King Ring products! I’ve already started saving for my next set of rings. 😉

  30. Stephen P (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing c-rings for several years and this is by far the best I’ve ever worn. I also purchased the same sized trial ring at check out to ensure proper fit. I was a bit concerned on the tightness of the trial ring, but after exchanging emails with Scott I felt confident in trying on Thunder. I knew as soon as I put Thunder on that I made the right decision. The overall look, weight, and width just makes it feel right. Best of all, my bride of almost 30 years likes it as well. There is no better endorsement than that.

    The customer support truly puts this company over the top. I never expected to hear from the company unsolicited. The service is second to none.

    I can confidently say you will not be disappointed.

  31. David (verified owner)

    Great ring, love the feel and look of it. The shine between the contrast and texture on the metal demands attention. Out of my collection of all my king rings – this ring is becoming my go to ring for my casual days.

    Thank you Scott for the great service and customer service.

  32. Todd (verified owner)

    Just received my Thunder cock ring and I couldn’t be more pleased! It’s actually better than I had expected. The weight, design, and overall look make for THE best c-ring I’ve ever purchased – seriously! It’s a prime example of “you get what you pay for”! I actually wear it 24/7, as it’s so comfortable. In addition to the great quality of the ring itself, the customer service outreach (proactively!) was bar none. I’ll definitely be a “repeat customer”!

  33. DW (verified owner)

    Beautiful ring and very well made. The ring fits nicely but is a heavy ring. Would consider going a size smaller in view of the weight for an ultra secure fit.

  34. Joe (verified owner)

    There are two kinds of people: junk or jewels. If you’re a “junk” guy, by all means stick with the cheap rubber or ugly steel cock rings. If, however, you are a “jewels” kind of guy, you’ve found the right place. My thunder ring is beautiful–the heft and craftsmanship can be summed up with “holy shit.” I paired it with a rose gold glans ring and the whole experience is just fantastic. The jewelry is clearly high quality, feels really good when it is on, and evidently, quite the crowd-pleaser.

    The personalized service from Scott and team is exactly what you’d expect from a premium product.

    I’m afraid I will have a whole collection of King Rings in the near future.

  35. Peter J (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd ring from King Rings. My wife ordered Thunder as a Birthday present for me. Which was really lovely of her. Now I have to say she is not all sweetness and light and can be a bit wicked to me. Thunder arrived some 2 weeks prior to my Birthday and with great anticipation I opened the package and inside found the Thunder in Rose Gold. I was told to try it on straight away and so did. Wow we both loved it. The colour, fit and look is just amazing. I had it on for about a minute before it was taken off of me and I was told I was not getting it back until my actual Birthday. Now let me tell you, that was the longest 2 weeks of my life. Any way Birthday arrives and I get the enjoyment of opening the packaging again and once again setting my eyes on such a wonderful ring. I wear it all the time (well interspersed with Island Wood) and it is so comfortable and stunning. Once again Scott has done us proud. Yes the rings are expensive but they are well worth the money and so much better quality than any others I have worn. Thanks so much for such a great product and service which was yet again first class

  36. Chris (verified owner)

    Thunder is my second King Ring and I am very pleased with this ring. It is a substantial ring in terms of size and appearance yet lighter than the other King Rings due to it being made of stainless steel rather than tungsten. The lighter weight means less of a tug when wearing it, but it doesn’t mean that the ring is any less impressive.

    I own a number of rings about the same size as Thunder but none are as comfortable to wear. I generally wear a ring unless I’m in the shower or sleeping. The attention paid to the inner design of Thunder makes it one of the most comfortable rings I own to wear all day. The tapered inside has a smooth transition on the edge so Thunder won’t ever pinch. That little difference in design makes a big difference and your member will appreciate it.

    Thunder is visually striking when it’s sitting on my dresser; when I’m wearing it it looks amazing. The mirror polish on the outer rows of bricks catch and reflect light to attract attention to the ring. If you’re lucky enough to see it in sunlight you’ll find Thunder dazzling to behold. The design suggests a castle wall erected around the root of my member and when I have an erection Thunder frames and enhances beyond my expectations.

    Best of all Thunder comes with the fantastic customer support from Scott at King Rings. Scott’s passion and commitment to quality craftsmanship and design is very welcome. It is about time that men have rings of this quality available. Many thanks!

  37. Kurt (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about the 5 star+ service received from Scott. Truly exceptional! I’m new to C rings and ordering the sizing rings was a perfect way to decide which was appropriate for my guys. When I received the actual Thunder ring I was truly impressed on how amazing it looked and felt. It really looked like a piece of jewelry. The finish and materials is A+++! The weight of this ring feels great too. Wearing this when I’m out makes me feel confident and secretly hiding something special. I’m ecstatic about this purchase and will definitely want to order other styles!

  38. fatalxops (verified owner)

    I received my King Ring in the mailbox last week. The discreet packaging probably had my mail lady wondering what was so heavy in that little box. 😀

    I excitedly opened the descrete box and found the sexy presentation of a gold jewelry box. I really felt like I had just gifted myself something special. Once I pulled the lid off the box, the ring was professionally packaged, in a cellophane wrapper marked with rings size printed on the outside. Thoughtful.

    The ring also comes with a black Crown Royal type of soft storage bag for discreet carry and storage.

    I purchased the bright stainless steel Thunder because it resembles my wedding band almost exactly, although my wedding band is made of tungsten and the color isn’t as bright. The facets are cut exactly the same so they both pair great together.

    The weight of this ring is impressive, I have been comparing and wearing the sizing rings for over a year and when I put the Thunder on.. OMG it was amazing. Nice weight and tug on my dude.

    The edges are so much smoother than the sizing rings. I did sand smooth the edges on the plastic sizers to be more comfortable, but they still did pinch some.

    The Thunder though, doesn’t pinch because the edges are as smooth as my wedding band. I am so very happy with this purchase, I will be buying more. I can’t wait to buy the new Glans ring next.

    Scott and family have built an amazing business model. From the website, to the ease of purchase, the temporary sizing rings and the care thought into making sure you get the right size, to the packaging, the soft storage bag and the follow-up email, making sure everything was just right.

    If he had just thrown the beautiful badass ring in an envelope and mailed it, that would have been fine.. but I’ve been blown away.

    All the extras make this product and it’s excellent grade, weight and design, pushes my experience over the top. Now, I’ve got to plan a date night. This thing makes me last forever.

    Thanks for taking care of us dudes out here.

  39. Beau C (verified owner)

    Thunder is now my fifth King-rings and I’m very excited to be wearing a beautiful piece of art. This ring was comfortable from the very first time I put it on my cock. The thickness is bigger than most in Scott’s collection making it snug and in place. I chose the BRIGHT ring and taking it out of its package was truly a surprise. Your astounded by the quality craftsmanship which goes into making your ring . You can’t believe how bright it is either. Then all that’s on your
    mind is putting it on as soon possible.

    I wear King-rings 24/7 365 day a year that’s how much I love these cock rings. Scott certainly takes care of his customers as well, his customer service is five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Once you try a King-ring you’ll never go back to wearing to a normal cock ring ever.

  40. Jonathan C

    This is a big, chunky, masculine ring. The facet cuts are deep into the ring which add to the masculine feel and the matte finish applied to the central facets adds an extra touch of interest. The ring is lighter than other King rings which can make it easier for all day wear.

  41. B (verified owner)

    I’ve had Thunder for about a month now, and I neglected to review it until now because I honestly didn’t want to take it off. The packaging is exquisite and truly feels like you’re holding something special. Then you open it and see what’s inside. My eyes bulged at how awesome the ring looks in person. It looks like it’s not just another hunk of steel. Then you put it on.

    I have never worn a more comfortable ring. The fit was just right, it’s got enough weight to remind you that its there, yet it’s not so heavy that you fear it dropping down your leg with each step. But at the same time, it doesn’t pinch you and make you feel uncomfortable. It even stayed in place through hot summer days of high activity, keeping it on for a full week without having to readjust it. And it makes my package look exquisite. Finally, I went a round with it. That part I’ll let you experience for yourself.

    If you aren’t quite ready to jump into buying any of the Tungsten rings, Thunder is a good entry point. The price is most definitely higher than what you would pay elsewhere for similar stainless steel rings, but the quality of the ring is so worth it & the design sets it apart from your typical donut. And the customer service you get will definitely put a bow on the whole experience. Definitely a satisfied customer who will make another purchase!

  42. Bill H (verified owner)

    I’ve owned a few cock rings before but this was my first King Ring. I was a bit unsure at first about paying so much for a cock ring. But when i saw the thunder I couldn’t stop myself. Now I’ve tried it I’m so glad I took the plunge.

    The ring looks beautiful and yet incredibly masculine and sexy. And it feels even better. It has a great weight without being too heavy. If you get the sizing rings you can ensure the perfect fit. It is really comfortable to wear for long periods too which is not something you can say for a lot of rings. And as for how it performs, you will really have to try it for yourself. All in all this is a great addition to an outstanding range. And you get great customer service from Scott as well.

  43. Kirk S.

    Different, but yet the same.

    This is my seventh ring, and yes it is different. Not quite as heavy as the tungsten carbide but somehow with a little added thickness it is more than heavy enough. The extra bulk provides a balanced feeling that is just enough different to be noticeable, but in a very GOOD way.

    But yet it is the same … outstanding quality, comfort and handsome beauty are the words I would use to describe King-Rings product and this ring doesn’t disappoint. Scott has done it again.

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