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True Blue

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Stunning polished Tungsten Carbide member ring, stepped dome with hammered cut and center groove. Ion plated in royal blue.

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Tungsten Carbide member ring cut with “hammered” surface, center groove, and ion plated with irresistible Royal Blue.

Inside ring surface has a comfort fit (as do all our rings), is mirror shine perfect and laser engraved with our very bold logo.

Pairs well with khakis, jeans of any age, and white crew socks (alone). Stand before her and be judged; you, your favorite socks, and the the most flattering crown of Royal Blue she’s ever seen. We accept thank you cards 24/7.

Product Data


Tungsten Carbide with ion plating


, , , ,


7.2, 7.5, 7.7, 9.6, 10.3 ounces

Band Width


Band Thickness

6mm – 6.5mm (varies by size)


Azure blue, silver


High polish, hammered


Dome cut, center groove, with comfort fit

Reference Info

Sizing Guide | Fitting Guide | How To Wear | Care and Cleaning

16 reviews for True Blue

  1. Steve B. (verified owner)

    Truly a work of art. Male jewelry that’s a secret to you and maybe those closest to you….? The craftsmanship is amazing. Very well made. The weight was a surprise….pleasant surprise. If you are looking for a ring that is really top knotch, what are you waiting for? You’ll make more money! Spend some on yourself!

  2. AdriaanM (verified owner)

    I am a regular ring wearer and just received this great piece of blue jewelry a few days ago. Worth every $. I just do not want to take it off already. Very wearable ring (daily and longterm) Heaviest ring i ever had and look and feels great. Without an annoying feeling I stay aware of the ring by the pulling weight of it. I first bought the test ring set and used the fitting guide to be sure about the size. I was a little worried beforehand that the heavy weight would cause the ring to slide down, but due to the right fit and the ring shape it stays perfect on place.(2 fingers as mentioned in the fitting guide) Best ring ever! Feeling a King

  3. David H (verified owner)

    Until the last half hour I believed the best thing about King Rings was the customer service.
    Then I received my new ring. The quality is unmistakable! The fit and finish is perfection!
    My wife is almost as excited about it as I am! We have already “made use of it” and shared a photo with some LS friends.

    I could only be happier if it came with a hottie to put it on ( other than my in house Hottie) .

    Experiences like this are far too rare in our world. Try it out, you deserve it.

  4. jack (verified owner)

    Really great!
    This is the second ring I ordered and I’m very satisfied, this True Blue ring is high quality, exactly like on the pics. Very good work, a beautiful piece.
    The ring is heavy but the fit is perfect.
    Very happy to wear it

  5. Kirk S. (verified owner)

    Thank you for your help in working thru the sizing guide and picking a first ring. The personal customer service I received is only superseded by the product and to that I say WOW. I am BLOWN AWAY by this ring. I wear a ring daily and my new King Ring is an entirely different experience. The comfort is beyond compare and the weight provides a fantastic feeling. What a spectacular and beautiful product; I don’t want to take it off. I will purchase another King Ring.

  6. Brian M (verified owner)

    I have a collection of cock rings my new True Blue ring is my favourite by far. The quality and design of this beautiful piece of jewellery is impressive, as is the weight and width. It is very comfortable and easy to wear all day.
    I am looking forward to buying more.

  7. James

    I have been wearing cock rings for 20 years, and I recently discovered King Rings. The True Blue ring is a beautiful ring that has a nice heavy weight to it. When I put it on, it feels perfect. I’ve been very happy with the look and the comfort. I’ve worn it all day long a few times now.

  8. Victor L (verified owner)

    I am a regular ring wearer, all-day user. The True Blue is my third ring from King Rings. Well made, heavy, and very comfortable to use. Is perfect!!

  9. Robert (verified owner)

    I have many s/s cock rings and enjoy wearing them even when not engaged is sexual activity. The True Blue is the King of Rings! My wife thinks it’s beautiful as well.

  10. Jonathan C (verified owner)

    I like to wear a cock ring all day and have tried quite a few, but or me the True Blue stands out both for its design and for its craftsmanship.

    The rings are wider than most and this gives a more pronounced bulging when wearing the ring under a pair of jeans. The additional width also means that a more of your cock is constricted which makes the ring more comfortable to wear than skinnier rings which can cut in when you get hard. The extra weight of the ring gives a pleasant tugging sensation to remind you during the day that you are wearing it.

    Overall I am extremely pleased with the ring and will definitely be buying another.

  11. Junichi M (verified owner)

    The best customer service! I almost ordered the wrong size because I couldn’t add! Scott helped me thru the process and made sure I ordered the best size for me. I ordered and received the True blue. Beautifully made and the weight of the ring is really something. The ring fits perfect and love how the weight pulls down on the cock balls without slipping off. I’m going to buy another one soon.

  12. John H (verified owner)

    I was not a ring wearer, and honestly speaking, never pictured myself wearing a cock ring, much less spending a hefty chuck of change to purchase one, nor touting the benefits of wearing one. But here I am. I stumbled upon King Rings in error and was really taken aback at the detailed craftsmanship of these jewelry pieces. I went ahead and ordered the sizing rings and believe it or not, wore them around for several months not only to determine the right size prior to making my decision, but to see if I really wanted a ring cresting my package.

    I have to say that this is one incredible piece of jewelry. Weighty, shiny, colorful, masculine and comfortable are just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe my True Blue. Wearing it at work while on the floor (retail) gives a great sensation, and I would best describe that feeling as having my dear wife’s firm, but gentle hand gripping me all day. In addition, feeling the texture and weight of it when I put my hand in my pocket or am walking around are extra benefits of having a good ring gripping my manhood. When it is not being worn, it sits proudly on my dresser and is really a nice piece just to look at!

    Scott is truly a “Ring Master” in that he makes a quality product, offers great advice, (even if it doesn’t result in an immediate sale), and replies promptly to any questions or concerns. His idea of men wearing quality c-rings as normal as wearing a favorite watch is right on.

    So yes, I am well pleased with my ring and would encourage any other man contemplating purchasing one to go ahead and pull the trigger.

  13. Jason V (verified owner)

    This piece is stunning! The blue bands take on the illusion of spinning, when caught by the light. It’s ultra comfortable, and great to wear when I want a break from the heft of Gold Champ.

    Thank you for making such an amazing product for us.

  14. Mac M (verified owner)

    Okay. I received my True Blue almost a week ago, and honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I own several rings that vary in style and weight from light aluminum “thin” style, to HEAVY donut. They all have a purpose and some are what I consider a “set”, meaning they match my other jewelry (watch, necklace, bracelets, etc). Then True Blue came along. It is an exquisite example of what a Member ring should be. The quality is beyond “bespoke”. It is truly a work of art. Pictures could never do this product justice, the way the light reflects from it is just remarkable. My fiancee has agreed that we WILL have wedding bands to match True Blue!! ???????? Now onto the feel….. It fits unlike any ring I have ever owned, in every aspect. . . “Comfort fit” is the best way to describe True Blue. It definitely has some heft to it, but in a comfortable, yet noticeable “tug” that feels amazing, especially considering I am in the construction trade and constantly on the move. Combine that with the unbelievable appearance of this ring and it’s definitely going to be the favorite of any collection. Overall. This WILL be the first of many King Rings I will own. Scott is amazing to work with and I can only hope that there will be many more products from them in the future. Guess I’ll have to invest in the box to store them in as well!!!

  15. Phil F (verified owner)

    Longtime wearer of rings, by far the most elegant I own now, and the new addition size fits perfectly, personalized service on top
    Definitely need a set, thanks

  16. Chris (verified owner)

    My wife and I recently celebrated our 11th anniversary and I was absolutely delighted with the gift she gave me; a matching pair of rings from King Rings! Now a simple glance at my finger is a fun reminder that I’ve got a matching ring elsewhere. Over the past two weeks we have both enjoyed having this bit of shared knowledge between us; especially when receiving compliments on my new wedding band ring.

    We wanted to get a matching set of rings for me for years but were unable to find a pair that met our aesthetic tastes and provided comfort for an all day wear. The King Rings True Blue delivers on both fronts. The design is beautiful; seeing the light reflect on the hammered surface makes the rings look almost alive. The smooth tapered edges are comfortable enough for all day wear. I’m disappointed whenever I have to take it off. The colors are rich and deep, the different materials are seamlessly matched and my wife is delighted at how impressive my member looks with the ring on, and so am I.

    The fact that King Rings come in sizes at 2mm intervals is great. As someone who likes to wear kilts in the warmer months I need a ring that I can feel confident isn’t going to slip off. A number of my previous rings have all been just a bit too big for all day wear or just a bit too small for intimate comfort. I needed a ring that was just right. The member ring I have is the perfect fit and it stayed on through a 3.5 mile hike in my kilt without issue. The weight of the ring is heavier than expected; you will not forget that you’re wearing this ring as it provides a consistent tug throughout the day.

    Thank you so much for offering finger rings to match the member rings in your collection. We’ve been wanting something along these lines for many years. We are both so pleased with these rings; the design, the quality, the weight and the customer service have all be stellar. The only issue we have with the matching set is that we wish showing off how beautiful the big one looks on me was more acceptable.

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