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We want you to Crown Your Jewels with confidence befitting a King.

Anxiety about picking the right size ring is normal, we want to help set your mind at ease! If you have no idea what size you need, start with a simple measurement to get a rough idea. If you own metal rings already then you likely have a great starting size in mind.

IMPORTANT: Once you have identified a suspected size we always recommend getting a set of Sizing Rings (Cock and/or Glans) which includes and bookends your estimated size. Our wide band widths make the rings fit differently than other rings on the market and with 2mm size granularity a tailored fit is possible. Eliminate all the guess work and get the best fit imaginable!


Our signature rings fit around the base of your penis behind the balls. It is important while measuring that you are warm (the boys hanging loosely) and flaccid.

Measure And Mark: Using a string, fabric ribbon, or tailor tape, wrap it around the base of your penis behind your scrotum to get a measurement of circumference. This should be a gentle wrap, firmly against your skin but not squeezing flesh into any wrinkles. We’ll calculate the squeeze factor below. Mark the overlap, straighten out the ribbon, and measure between your two marks in millimeters. Plug your number into the equation below to get your calculated size and then round up to the nearest ring size.
([measured mm] x 0.80) ÷ 3.14 = [calculated size in mm]

Simulate With Paper: Easily construct a paper ring which closely mimics the diameter and band width of our signature Tungsten Carbide rings. It wraps around your shaft, takes care of the measurement, and removes easily. Download the template with full instructions here: King Rings Sizing Ruler


Glans rings fit on the shaft of the penis, just behind the head (glans) are a bit trickier to measure. Unlike a cock ring, which is held in place by the scrotum, a glans ring is held in place just by the corona of the penis head. To fit properly, the glans ring should be loose enough to allow your penis to expand when erect, yet small enough to not slip past the corona when you are flaccid.

Measure And Mark: We need 3 measurements; penis shaft just behind the head – both flaccid and erect, and corona (brim) of penis head while flaccid. Using a string, fabric ribbon, or tailor tape, wrap it around to get a measurement of circumference. This should be a gentle wrap, firmly against your skin but not constricting. Mark the overlap, straighten out the ribbon, and measure between your two marks in millimeters. Plug your number into the equation below to get a calculated size. Your ideal glans ring size is in-between the flaccid and erect shaft size and smaller than the corona size.
[measured mm] ÷ 3.14 = [calculated size in mm]

FINAL STEP (Recommended)

Our customers have such overwhelming success with our Sizing Rings that we actually give you a financial incentive to go this route. Not only will they help you discover your ideal fit, they provide opportunity to practice with, and explore the use of, rigid rings with wide bands like ours.

Sizing Rings: Our sizing rings are 3D printed plastic rings available in each of our offered sizes. These trial rings are made of body safe PLA plastic and can be worn during sex but are not as comfortable as our metal rings. Start with the largest ring; put it on, wear it through erection and loss, and observe how it performs for you. Progress downward through the sizes and find your best fit. The sizing rings ship with additional tips and you get a store credit for when you’re ready to buy the real thing.

Sizing Rings (Cock) | Sizing Rings (Glans)

In addition to these preparatory steps, you have the option to add sizing ring singles during checkout. This permits you to test the size before unsealing your high value ring, see our Return Policy.

If there is anything more we can do to reassure your size selection please let us know.

8 Responses

  1. Scott King

    Hi Frank, 1.75 inches = 44.45 mm. All of our product pages have a quick metric to empirical conversion table but, if you want to do your own, Google can help. Try searching “1.75 inches = ? mm” and the answer pops right up. ????

    With a 20mm wide band, our rings tend to fit more snug that thinner bands with the same inner diameter. At the moment, 46mm is our smallest size but you might find it to be a great fit. A Sizing Ring alongside your new Tungsten ring is a great way to confirm.

  2. Collin K

    Tried the paper sizing ring and the ends of the ‘ruler’ barely touched!
    Did I do something wrong? Do you have larger sizes?

  3. Scott King

    Hi Collin, do you have any prior experience with c-rings? The paper ring is a valid way to test but requires more than just a gentle wrap around, functional rings have some squeeze to them and that’s what you need with the paper ring as well.

    If you measure with a ribbon or string (more of a gentle wrap) and then calculate, the squeeze factor is built into the equation with a 20% reduction in circumference.

    We really recommend going the route of getting some Sizing Rings, this takes out any guess work and they are less than free … we double your money when you buy an actual metal ring from us.

  4. Stuart

    Hi Scott
    Did the measurements as described above and worked it out to 57.57mm
    Now I repeated the measurement when everything was excited and came out at 66.24mm. I’m a little concerned that the largest ring (58mm) may be too restricting?
    Not looking to take my ball pein hammer to bed and trusting my girlfriend to be a good shot.
    I have ordered sizing rings though????????

  5. Scott King

    Hi Stuart – Your enthusiasm is showing ????. You were right to order the sizing rings as they take all the guess work out of sizing and are the best way to ensure a great fit. It sounds like you will be on the large side of the range and the plastic rings will help confirm that. You will find some helpful advice in the box with your sizing rings. Please contact me directly if you need any additional assistance.

  6. 'Jockstain'

    I have a question in terms of sizing: If we are familiar with the size of c-ring that we usually wear but still want to try the sizing rings to see if there’s another happy fit, do you suggest we start choosing the rings at the size we currently wear and up from there or give a little wiggle room by starting with a size smaller then our current size and then a size bigger?

  7. Scott King

    If you already have a known-comfortable size you might still discover King Ring’s rings fit a bit differently. The width of our bands makes them fit more snug than narrower bands with the same inner diameter and we offer 2mm size granularity which is very uncommon for metal rings.

    We recommend picking a Sizing Rings set that has your known-good size right in the middle, with one or two sizes above and below. When you get the rings, start with the largest size and work your way down until you find a size that is too small. That’s not your ring, the next larger one is.

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